Fashion sentence comes into force

Fashion 2023
Fashion sentence comes into force
Fashion sentence comes into force

The team of stylists and experts from the popular TV program "Fashion Sentence" offers options for solving problems for our heroines. Perhaps their advice will help you too.

The fashion verdict is in effect!

Before After

Left: Yohji Yamamoto blouse and skirt, Chloe patent leather shoes, Gianfranco Lottu bag, Missoni brooch

Right: Malo coat and jumper, See by Chloe shorts, Chloe boots, Gianfranco Lottu handbag, Marlboro Classics scarf and gloves

Advice from Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Don't be afraid to look bright, try experimenting with your image!

1 Asymmetrical cut always looks interesting, even the classic combination of "white top - black bottom" looks very creative. In addition, the asymmetrical wrap skirt hides the wide hips of the heroine.

2 Don't be afraid to use multiple colors in a suit, but remember that one color should dominate and the rest should complement it. Choose not open colors, but complex, muted shades.

3 Don't forget about accessories - they really enrich your look and make it complete. Bright bags and scarves, unusual jewelry will help you create different and memorable looks every day.


Story: Julia works as a taxi operator, after the birth of her child she gained weight, she has a full figure and small height. Julia wears mostly shapeless clothes that emphasize volumes even more, which makes her feel insecure.

Task: to help Julia look more feminine and spectacular. Give her confidence.

Before After

Left: Lauren Vidal pullover, jumper and trousers, Mark Jacobs patent loafers, Oxone bag

Right: coat, blouse, Oltre pants and bag, Nine Vest shoes

Advice from Vyacheslav Zaitsev

Don't be shy about your figure, you just need to correctly assess your shortcomings and emphasize your strengths.

1 Never wear baggy clothes. Give preference to things with an underlined waistline. The jacket should reach the hip line. In skirts and trousers, the hip should be clearly defined, folds can start from the middle of the thigh.

2 Choose things with a V-neck, the first button of a jacket or cardigan should be fastened at the waist - this visually lengthens the neck and figure in general. Long beads or pendants also emphasize this effect.

3 With a small stature, you need to carefully approach the choice of patterns. Choose delicate designs: medium-sized rhombus, "chicken foot", small polka dots or floral ornament in non-contrasting colors.

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