How to properly store winter shoes

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How to properly store winter shoes
How to properly store winter shoes

Before putting warm shoes in the closet until the next cold weather, they need to be put in order. Better to hold each family member accountable by giving them their shoes and instructions.

We remove winter shoes: 5 necessary rules

Pay attention to:

  • s alt stains on shoes;
  • black stripes on leather and heels;
  • shiny suede shoes.

1. S alt and snow deposits

Mix equal parts water and vinegar. Soak a clean cloth in the solution and wipe the shoes with it, then rinse with a damp sponge and wipe again with a dry cloth or towel. After the shoes are dry (away from heaters), polish them with a flannel or other soft cloth.

2. Black stripes

Do not try to scrape them off with force, as you will only ruin the leather of the boot or boot. Soak a soft cloth in water and then in baking soda and very gently, without pressing, wipe the scratches. If the shoes are rubber, do the same, but use a kitchen cleaner instead of water (this method works for plastic or wooden heels). Once the streaks are gone, wipe the shoes with a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry.

3. Shiny suede

Most leather shoe cleaners are not suitable for suede as the suede needs to stay dry. A special rubber brush or a regular rubber eraser is suitable for it, which you need to quickly wipe the entire surface of the shoe, and then brush off the remaining crumbs. Dry dirt from suede can be cleaned with sandpaper. And if the suede is shiny and shiny, rub it with a clean toothbrush or hard towel. If this does not help, hold the boot for a few seconds over hot steam, and then clean with a special brush.

4. If your shoes get wet

Take action as soon as you get home. Without waiting for the shoes to dry, wipe the entire surface with a damp sponge. This way you avoid s alt stains. To prevent shoes from losing their shape from moisture, put newspapers inside (but do not compact them so as not to stretch). Remove the newspapers before hiding it.

5. Don't forget the shoe polish

Before going outside, apply a protective cream against moisture, snow and s alt. But do not use it too often: 1-2 times a week is enough. Before storage, leather boots can be lubricated with ordinary baby cream or hand cream, which includes silicone.

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