Women's happiness

Women's happiness
Women's happiness

What is female happiness? The eternal question! We invite you to a conversation on this topic that excites many.

Woman's happiness

What is female happiness? The eternal question! We invite you to a conversation on this topic that excites many.

Question. How do women's he alth and mood relate to lunar cycles?

Answer. There are two main forces in this world - yin and yang, masculine and feminine. Planets with a pronounced feminine nature are the Moon and Venus. And all women are related to them. For example, the female cycle lasts about the same as the lunar month. In short, the main rules are as follows. On the full moon, the emotional plan intensifies, and at this time women react much more strongly to what is happening. It is necessary to take this into account. Secondly, on the new moon, the woman's body is most weakened, strength and energy are practically at zero. At this time, it is better not to plan anything that requires a lot of effort, especially physical. New moon and full moon are not very favorable times for starting new things. Another general rule: on the growing moon, you need to start business and carry out what is associated with the acquisition. The ideal time for this is from the first to the 14th lunar day, especially the fifth and tenth. And on the waning moon, you need to finish things and carry out everything related to removal. For example, if you want to get rid of a pimple on your face, this should be done on the waning moon. It is best to use the lunar calendar, which helps to calculate the most favorable time for starting and doing different things. It is useful for women to release emotions from time to time. Men, as a rule, need to control themselves, and a woman is a pure emotion, she is by nature unpredictable. And one of the secrets of a long family relationship is that a woman remains a mystery to a man. If it is easily predictable, the man will be bored. Women can sometimes cry, because they live mainly with feelings and get rid of unnecessary emotions with tears. However, for this it is not at all necessary to cry. You can watch comedies or read books that touch your soul. A wise man at least gives a woman the opportunity to speak. If it seems to her that you do not understand and do not appreciate her feelings, this is a serious blow. But, if a man every day asks how she is doing and listens to her, she will idolize such a husband. One of the rules of a long and happy marriage: a man needs 15-30 minutes a day just to talk with his wife, listen to her and be interested in her affairs. If at the same time he still shows that her feelings are important to him, this makes the woman happy.

Question. Why are women now so often unable to bear and give birth to a he althy child?

Answer. Because our entire civilization now lives inharmoniously. About 60% of women in Europe experience serious problems with the birth of children, not to mention the fact that so many women cannot give birth to more than one child. Of course, ecology, lifestyle, nutrition play an important role. But culture itself prevents women from having children. Early sex is one of the main energy reasons that may prevent a woman from having children in the future. And abortions - millions of babies are killed in Russia, after that the woman's karma worsens. It must be understood that abortion can affect not only the woman herself, but also her future children. According to the laws of karma, having an abortion is about the same as killing your child who plays in the sandbox, simply because you don’t have money right now or you want to continue studying. Those who have had abortions or encouraged others to do so must go through a process of sincere repentance. Ask for forgiveness from the soul that was not allowed to be born, make a big donation. And never blame yourself after that, accept it as a mistake. And most importantly, the spirit of consumption and selfishness makes our civilization barren. Russia is increasingly accepting the Western way of life, where money and pleasure are most important. And nature turns off the reproductive function: if you don’t need children, if you subconsciously don’t want them, you won’t have them. We started by saying that there are two main energies - masculine and feminine. So, the father represents the masculine principle, and the mother represents the feminine. If a person treats his father disrespectfully, the favorable influence of the masculine principle closes in him, which brings certain illnesses and troubles. A woman with a closed masculine principle cannot have a happy family life. And if, due to an insulting attitude towards the mother, the feminine principle is closed, this brings, among other things, problems with childbearing. The easiest way to check if you have more closures is to see which side of your body you have more disease on. If there are more sores and ailments in the left side of the body, then the feminine is closed, if in the right side of the body, then the masculine. That is why all religions teach to honor father and mother. Have you ever wondered why Eastern peoples most often have no problems with the birth of children? Because ancient traditions are still preserved in the East, respect for parents is cultivated. In addition, women's honor is protected in the East. But if a woman is not picky in relationships, this breaks through her energy shell. I know that such views are not popular now, but, from the point of view of Eastern psychology, everything is exactly so. A certain sexual culture of a woman minimizes the problem. In addition, the East loves children. In the West, everything is different now: women are trying to succeed in their careers, and when they are going to give birth at the age of 35-40, problems often arise.

Question. Why are there so few real men around to rely on?

Answer. Because there are only such men around that you bring up, dear women! Women are trying to achieve equal rights, some even pay for themselves when they come with a man to a restaurant. And now it turns out that equality is not always good. Boys need to be taught from childhood that a girl is a flower and must be protected. And the girls need to be explained how to behave with a man: treat him with respect, believe in him, give him the feeling that he is in charge. It is very important for a man to feel like a leader, why not play along with him? If a woman believes in a man and shows him this, then his subtle body changes over time. In a year or two, he will become stronger and more confident. Behind every great man is an equally great woman. If a woman behaves with a man on an equal footing, there will be no harmony. But when she constantly makes a man feel that he is strong, his energy changes. I have seen many examples of this. When a man lives with a woman, he has a certain pattern of behavior; if he lives with another woman, this pattern changes. The behavior of a man is 80% determined by the internal state of a woman! A wise woman asks a man to help her: after all, he is strong, and she is weak. She does not impose her opinion on him, but asks: “What do you think?” She teaches children that daddy should be respected. Let a man think that the decision always remains with him. He really needs it. And if a woman works on an equal footing with a man and wants to decide everything herself, she voluntarily or involuntarily suppresses him, I am unacceptable for him even at the energy level. I'm not talking about the fact that there should be some kind of subordination, suppression of will in the family. Just behave respectfully: don't call a man Tolyan, call him Anatoly. A man should protect a woman, take care of her, buy her gifts. Give him the opportunity.

Question. Modern women often cannot arrange their personal lives. Clever, beautiful, housewives, but it is impossible to create a family. Why?

Answer. Once a very spectacular woman came to me for training, she is about thirty years old, but she does not have a personal life. I asked the men who were at the training: “Is she beautiful?” Everyone replied: “Yes, very much.” She is very talented, smart, she began to read amazing poems that she herself wrote … But nevertheless, she does not succeed with men. No one can live with her for long. Why? Because she has a strong inner pride. In the poems that she read, there was even a line: “Follow me, my love …” And it is important for a man to feel that this woman is following him. The wisdom of a woman is to very gently show a man that he is in charge. Men energetically do not tolerate stronger women, this is nature. And there are a lot of beautiful, talented women who are hindered by pride or rigidity. Another reason for an unsettled personal life may be disrespect for the father, unforgiveness of the first love or unforgiveness of the first husband. A flexible woman who knows how to create a space of love will not be lonely.

Question. Is the external attractiveness of a woman really not important at all?

Answer. Of course, it is important, because the external beauty of a woman is also an indicator of good karma. But, speaking of beauty, I do not mean the correct facial features or proportions of the body, as well as the energy plan - a he althy complexion, sparkling eyes, positive energy. Imagine a beauty who has a very aggressive and envious expression on her face. Can we say that she is attractive? On the other hand, imagine an ordinary girl, full of love and peace, able to accept herself for who she is, able to give, having a sense of humor. Can you imagine that such a wife will not find a good husband for herself? In order for a woman to truly look good, three elements are necessary: ​​proper sleep, proper nutrition and a harmonious personal life. If a man can get up early and run away to work, then a woman needs to get enough sleep. The amount of sleep is very individual, some need to rest more, and some less. But in principle, it is not recommended to sleep more than 9 hours, it takes away subtle energy. It is better to rest a little more during the day. One more wish: a woman needs to go to bed around 10 pm, because the nervous system rests only from 10 to half past two at night. If you go to bed at 2 am, the nervous system does not recover. You also need to pay attention to proper nutrition. Oriental medicine does not recommend that women eat meat, in extreme cases - poultry and game, and not beef, pork or lamb. Even for a woman, the psychological mood during eating is important: you get angry or discuss something unpleasant, the subconscious mind is programmed for negativity. In conclusion, I want to congratulate you, dear women, on March 8th. Thank you for being! Be happy, he althy, sincere and beautiful in every way! Let your children only please you, and personal life be a source of bliss.

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