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Do you want to learn how to cook really tasty? Start by choosing the right cookware!

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Multi-layered crockery


Made of iron coated with vitreous enamel. In enamelware, food must be constantly stirred, otherwise it will burn. Therefore, before you start cooking, it is recommended to rinse the dishes with cold water. Also, the enamel tends to break off from blows.

Sandwich bottom dishes

Recently, a lot of dishes (pots, pans) with a multilayer bottom structure have appeared on sale. It consists of two layers of stainless steel, between which a thick layer of aluminum is placed, since the latter has good thermal conductivity. The layers are glued together with special glue. Such a bottom advantageously hides the shortcomings of aluminum and stainless steel. As a result, the bottom heats up evenly, and the sides of the pan slowly. Cookware accumulates heat, gradually transferring it to the product. The temperature difference creates a closed cycle of steam generation, which allows you to cook food with a minimum amount of water or oil. The stove can be turned off before the end of the cooking process, as the accumulated heat energy will continue to flow into the pan.

Choosing metal


This is a specially coated aluminum produced by an electrolytic process. Cookware is much stronger, more durable and he althier than conventional aluminum. The inner surface of the cookware has a multi-layer non-stick coating resistant to scratches. This material takes a long time to heat up and cool down for a long time. It is convenient to cook dishes that require slow stewing.

• Cast iron

Cast iron utensils are a must for any good restaurant. Food in cast iron retains its beneficial and nutritional properties and is not filled with harmful carcinogens. The non-stick properties of cast iron only improve with time, it is durable and does not deform, it is easy to clean and harmless to he alth. Before cooking, cast iron cookware should be heated for 1-2 minutes.

• Copper

It is the best conductor of heat, which is why professional chefs value it for its quick response. In copper cookware, dishes are cooked quickly and evenly. The main advantage of copper is that it allows you to cook on low and moderate heat. However, cooking in copper cookware requires certain skills, constant attention and a good cooking surface. The main disadvantage of copper is the price and rapid oxidation. Therefore, from the inside, copper utensils are usually covered with a layer of another metal - tin or nickel. Uncoated copper utensils are ideal for whipping egg whites, which become thicker when in contact with copper, and complex desserts.


This is the name of any kind of steel containing a certain percentage of chromium, which contributes to the formation of a film around the steel, which protects the iron from rust. The dishes are durable, retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, are non-toxic, do not change the taste of food, are convenient and easy to clean. Despite all of the above, the temperature in such dishes is kept unevenly and can vary greatly in different parts of the pan. Therefore, many manufacturers add copper or aluminum to the composition. Give preference to dishes marked 10/18. This is a kind of good quality mark, which means that 10% nickel has been added to the composition (the higher this figure, the longer the dishes will last, retaining their original appearance). And 18% addition of chromium will prevent corrosion. It is also believed that mirror-polished stainless steel dishes are more hygienic, while matte ones are more resistant to mechanical damage.

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