All the secrets of the carcass

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All the secrets of the carcass
All the secrets of the carcass

Now we have a huge selection of mascaras of various types and shades. And innovative developments in this area sometimes amaze even the most sophisticated.

All the secrets of the carcass

The times when women used dry mascara "Leningrad", fortunately, have long sunk into oblivion. Now we have a huge selection of mascaras of various types and shades. And innovative developments in this area sometimes amaze even the most sophisticated - for example, Lancôme's Oscillation vibrating mascara independently separates and curls eyelashes, and Givenchy's unusual round Phenomen'Eyes Mascara brush easily makes each eyelash voluminous. But both the most expensive and the simplest mascara are similar in one thing - they all promise us the effect of fantastically long and incredibly voluminous eyelashes. How not to get lost in this variety and choose the right mascara?


The first thing that most of us associate with the word "collagen" is cosmetics that rejuvenate the skin. L'Oréal Paris decided to go further and used this important protein in their mascara. The Hydra-Collagen Complex in the formula of the new Extra-Volume Collagene mascara instantly thickens each eyelash by as much as 60%! A large rounded brush distributes the required amount of mascara on each eyelash and leaves absolutely no lumps. But - most importantly - L'Oréal Paris scientific research on the measurement of eye attraction proved that eyelashes made up with Extra-Volume Collagene have a strong emotional impact on others and attract attention!

Eyelash to eyelash

The combination of several factors affects the functional properties of the carcass. This is the shape of the brush, the density and length of the pile, the material from which it is made, as well as the composition and texture of the carcass itself. “The curling properties of mascara largely depend on its composition,” says Yulia Zubareva, art director of the Moscow Makeup Artists Club. - As a rule, it contains polymers that shrink 1-2 minutes after applying the mascara, then the curling effect occurs. Carcasses that give volume, in addition to enveloping particles, usually contain moisturizing ingredients that promote swelling of the hairs. Of course, the brush of the voluminous mascara should be with a thick pile. Lengthening mascara contains fewer particles for volume, but it also contains moisturizing ingredients and tiny fibers that build up the tip of the eyelash and lengthen it. The lengthening mascara brush is usually not very thick. Recently, many cosmetic companies have been producing silicone brushes. The silicone bristles are more resilient and separate the lashes better, so there is no need to comb them after applying mascara.” Mascara can be divided into two types: waterproof and water-soluble. The latter has at least two advantages: firstly, it is the least harmful to eyelashes, and secondly, it is very easy to wash off with lotion or milk. True, during its use it is extremely undesirable to come into contact with water. With waterproof mascara, everything is different - it contains special waterproof resins that do not dissolve in water. That is why such a carcass is not afraid of water in principle. In addition, it is waterproof mascara that forms a strong film on the cilia, visually lengthening them. The biggest disadvantage of waterproof mascara is that it dissolves easily in fats, which means it can easily blur under the eyes. However, science does not stand still - modern waterproof mascaras, unlike their predecessors, are removed from the eyes not with a greasy cream, but with warm water.

Brush stroke

There are several types of mascara brushes. The most popular - classic medium size, curved - for curling eyelashes, large - for quick coloring of length and volume, as well as the most modern - large and small elastomer brushes.

The leading make-up artist of Maybelline New York Yuri Stolyarov talks about the types of brushes

The elastomer brush has denser and more resilient bristles that perfectly structure and separate the lashes, allowing you to create a clear and neat makeup. Unlike ordinary brushes, this brush will never deteriorate.

Small synthetic brush-comb ideal for coloring the root zone of the upper and lower eyelashes and creating root volume. This brush is often used by professional makeup artists.

But medium and large classic fluffy brushes remain the most popular. They quickly color the eyelashes, separating them, and depending on the composition of the mascara give length or volume to the eyelashes. In any case, absolutely all brushes require care: rinse the brush as lumps appear, then your mascara will last longer and your eyelash makeup will look neater.

How to increase eyelashes?

Of course, the length and density of eyelashes directly depend on genetic factors, but do not despair - with the help of decorative cosmetics and simple folk remedies, you can deceive nature.

  • 1 Add a couple of drops of vitamin A to castor oil and carefully lubricate the cilia with this compound several times a day. This mixture makes the eyelashes shiny and perfectly stimulates their growth.
  • 2 Almond and peach oils are an easy way to increase eyelash growth and also a great prevention of hair loss.
  • 3 Take equal proportions of castor oil, burdock oil, vitamin E oil solution, and aloe juice. Mix these ingredients and pour the resulting balm into a clean, empty mascara tube. It is advisable to use such a tool daily for a month, then the eyelashes will grow thick and strong. This balm can also be used for prevention purposes.

It is advisable to take care of the beauty of eyelashes in the evening, before going to bed, after removing makeup. If your eyelashes regularly receive the most beneficial ingredients throughout the night, you will notice the first positive results very soon!

Storage rules

• Mascara should not be stored for more than three months. Otherwise, after the expiration date, it will begin to leave ugly lumps on the eyelashes and make them heavier.

• To prevent the mascara from drying out ahead of time, the brush should be taken out of the tube by carefully scooping up the mascara, and not by sharp up and down movements.

• If particles of dried mascara remain on the brush, it must not be lowered back into the tube. First, the brush must be wiped with a napkin, and only then closed.

• When the mascara runs out, do not try to get it by pulling the cap up and down. With this movement, we only pump air into the tube, causing the mascara to dry quickly. You need to slowly unscrew the cap, collecting ink from the walls.

• For long lasting mascara, leave the tube open and screw on the cap tightly.

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