We are what we eat

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We are what we eat
We are what we eat

So says our author Rami Blekt, a consultant in ancient Indian astrology and Eastern psychology. What do you think?

we are what we eat

Rami Blekt, a consultant on ancient Indian astrology and eastern (alternative) psychology, answers questions from readers, author of the books Fate and Me, 10 Smart Steps to Happiness, Three Energies. Forgotten canons of he alth and harmony.”

TO: Rami, can you tell me what "eating right" means?

RB: It's hard to even imagine a harmonious and happy life without proper nutrition.The food we eat affects our mood, physical, psychological and spiritual he alth. "We are what we eat". And most of the food that modern people eat is inherently harmful. Moreover, meals are usually taken at the wrong time and in a hurry. The fact that before eating you need to pray or just fill the food with love, many do not even know. All the ancient medical schools claimed that most diseases are due to malnutrition. Nutrition is the basis of he alth, it affects not only physical he alth, but also the psyche and even spiritual life. Eastern psychology says: until you start eating right, it makes no sense to seriously engage in self-development or any kind of spiritual practices. Of course, the mode and style of nutrition, as well as the level of physical activity, should be individual for each person, depending on the constitution of the body. But there is a general rule - Eastern psychology recommends excluding or at least reducing all artificial and refined foods, coffee, black tea, products made from white flour and white sugar, meat.The food we eat affects our mind and therefore our thinking and even our subconscious mind.

BEFORE: And how can you be treated with the right diet?

RB: Our body consists of five primary elements - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. And everything we eat harmonizes one of these primary elements or unbalances it. Therefore, in the East, if a person fell ill, he was first of all selected a diet. The bitter taste promotes the opening of the mind, makes the consciousness more sensitive and strengthens all mental functions. It has a cooling, calming, liberating, expanding effect on the mind. The bitter taste is useful for those who suffer from lethargy, heaviness of thought, excessive heat and accumulation of toxins. It is the most cleansing and is considered the most beneficial. Almost all Ayurvedic preparations and cleansing herbs have a bitter taste. With hyperactivity, nervous exhaustion, weakness and absent-mindedness, bitter taste should be avoided.If your child is very active and mobile, eliminate the bitter taste from his diet. Pungent taste strengthens the functions of the mind, stimulates the mind, improves cerebral circulation, promotes the development of clarity of thought, receptivity and reasoning ability. It is recommended for people with a sluggish, depressive mind or lack of motivation. It is better to use black pepper than red. With insomnia, anger, anxiety, hyperactivity, spicy taste should be excluded. Sweet taste grounds, calms the mind and nerves, has a rejuvenating effect, tones the nervous system. But, if you have constipation or depression, sweets should be excluded. Sweet taste develops such a quality of character as kindness. It is noticed that people with a sweet tooth are usually very kind. Sweet (honey, black sugar) is better to eat in the morning - in the morning all this is easily absorbed and digested. White sugar is harmful, it is better to exclude it from the diet. Eating sweets at night is bad. The sweet taste is good for everyone except those who are overweight.But, if a person eats a lot of sweets, his consciousness will become too mundane and material. S alty taste has stabilizing properties, soothes and grounds. S alty foods (such as seaweed) are very beneficial for thin people. The s alty taste helps a lot with nervous exhaustion and hyperactivity. Increases greed. Astringent taste (for example, nutmeg) helps to restore nerve tissue, stop spasms, and also has a healing and calming effect on the human mind. Sour taste has a mild stimulating effect, helps with dizziness and depression. According to Ayurveda, it is believed that a full meal should combine all six tastes.

BEFORE: How does nutrition affect the psyche?

RB: It is very important who prepares food for us and with what mood. At the time of cooking, the mindset and consciousness of the cook are transferred to the food. Why do many spiritual schools not recommend eating from strangers? Because there are various methods of influencing consciousness through food, and after such an intervention, mental and even psychotherapeutic disorders can occur.Studies have been conducted on this topic, and it was found that people often got the most severe food poisoning if the cooks cursed at the time of cooking. At the same time, laboratory studies of food did not show the presence of any toxins, poisons, etc. Despite this, food was very dangerous for he alth in its structure - not at the chemical, but at the energy-information level. Therefore, you need to take very seriously the one who cooks and offers food to you. For example, in a restaurant, not only the chefs, but also the waiter, although to a lesser extent, transmit information and energy to you along with the food. Therefore, many peoples have a rule - do not eat in the houses of enemies and with enemies. You can engage in spiritual practices and self-development for many years, but if you don’t eat right or even eat something prepared by an evil, envious person just once, karma can worsen and the level of consciousness will decrease for a long time. And now especially for women: when you are preparing food for your family, watch your energies and your thoughts very carefully, especially if the food is cooked on an open fire.Through the element of fire, energy is transferred to food; it is less dangerous on an electric stove than on a gas stove. Through food, a woman can very skillfully, in a good way, control a man. Therefore, in ancient times, women were taught to cook correctly, to select herbs and spices for a particular occasion. And if a woman cooks for her husband with love, choosing the right foods and spices, skillfully combining different tastes, then she can influence the mood and behavior of her husband, cure him of illnesses and get rid of bad habits. This applies no less to children. You will never be able to be harmonious if you eat it is not clear what is prepared and by whom. Food affects consciousness, emotions, and these changes entail changes at the physical and spiritual level. The next rule is how you eat and who you eat with is very important. At the time of eating, our subconscious is as open as possible, so we literally absorb all the energy, all sensory and mental impressions. For example, if you swallow your breakfast very quickly, somehow chewing it to the sounds of hard rock, then you are programming yourself for the whole day - you will be very excited and restless, this is obvious.In American schools, 80% of children suffer from hyperactivity, they cannot concentrate. But look at how they eat: on the run, they swallow yesterday's microwave-heated hamburgers and wash them down with Coca-Cola. American schools, which established proper nutrition for their students, very soon discovered that the consciousness of children was also changing. We take emotional impressions from food, so the table should be beautifully served and decorated, food should not only look beautiful, but also have a delicious smell. It is very important that there is a calm atmosphere during meals. It is bad when at the table a person starts discussing his problems or criticizing someone.

BEFORE: Why doesn't Ayurveda recommend eating meat?

RB: There are so many reasons for this. And by and large, the answer to this question is a separate topic for conversation. But let's look from an energy point of view: meat contains cadaveric poison and decay products. I have been dealing with this issue for a long time, and it is enough for me to look at a person to say whether he eats meat or not.If he eats meat, his cells age faster because it carries the energy of decay. Vegetarians look much younger and have a completely different energy. And besides, the meat that you can now buy in stores contains a lot of hormones and chemical additives: to make it red, to be soft, to keep longer … Ayurveda recommends avoiding not only meat, but also some other products - stale food, synthetic, heated, overcooked, heavy, canned, heated several times, fatty (and fatty refers only to animal fats, and for example, ghee is highly recommended). On the subtle plane, such products destroy the body, have a negative impact on the psyche and character. These are the so-called "products in ignorance". In people whose diet is dominated by ignorant foods, the consciousness is quickly polluted, feelings are dulled, toxins accumulate, the person becomes lazy, lethargic and apathetic, and sleeps excessively. Proper food promotes he alth, maintains peace of mind and happiness, helps develop higher consciousness, and is successfully used in the treatment of mental disorders.These are whole grains of cereals, dairy products, nuts, seeds. Fresh vegetables and fruits, grown in natural conditions, strengthen the vital force (prana).

BEFORE: You have already said that you need to limit yourself in food. How to do this so that restrictions do not harm he alth, but, on the contrary, are useful?

RB: The first thing to understand is that if there is too much food, it becomes harmful. Basically, all nutrition problems in the last couple of thousand years arose either from malnutrition (from the fact that people did not get the right amount of vitamins and minerals), or from overeating, and the latter is much more dangerous. Now society itself is pushing us to eat too much: we are influenced by advertising. You go to the supermarket, and there are so many delicious things! It is customary for us to break the table, otherwise people will not understand you. Everything encourages you to overeat. And since the psychological state of people in our time is quite complicated, one of the drugs that helps to cope with difficulties is food.But when overeating, even the most wholesome food becomes poison. Few people think about it. Another problem: in modern culture there is a lot of white sugar, white flour, s alt, meat. And carbonated drinks! It's generally poison. Doctors have long noticed that people who abstain from food from time to time feel much better. It is very important to fast periodically so that the body rests. All traditional medicines say that you need to get up light from the table. For example, according to Ayurveda, it is believed that after eating, the element of air, that is, free space, should remain in our stomach. Different schools give different recipes and proportions, but the main message is the same: be moderate. The ancient teachers said that healing begins with nutrition, with a change in diet. All religions have fasts during which we must abstain from food in general or certain types of food. This is important not only physically, but limitations are necessary for the spiritual realm as well. And besides, think about how much food waste we produce.These beautiful boxes and bags are polluting our planet. By limiting yourself to something, you help the entire planet. Just yesterday I was shown the findings of very interesting studies that have been conducted for about 15 years to find out what contributes to longevity. So scientists came to the conclusion that in the first place is the ability of a person to eat half of what he can eat. Centenarians almost never overeat, especially at night. DO: Usually those who want to lose weight restrict themselves in food. And those who are built by nature, also need to give up something? RB: If a person eats anything and does not gain weight, it means that the fire of digestion burns correctly in him. And he can eat a little more than the rest. But the products still need to be useful. The fact is that toxins and decay products still remain even in the body of a very slender person. And besides, all people need to move. A fat person does not always mean unhe althy. According to Ayurveda, just dense heavy people, on the contrary, are the he althiest.Scientists have found that diseases occur when fat appears around the internal organs. Of course, external fat also interferes with the body, but internal fat is dangerous. It appears just in those who do not move enough, regardless of whether the person is thin or full.

BEFORE: What is considered overweight in Ayurveda?

RB: Answering this question, you need to understand that everything depends on the constitution of a person. But in general, it is believed that there is excess weight when a person has a lot of folds on his stomach. A thin waist is one of the indicators of he alth and longevity, since the fat that accumulates in the abdomen is the most harmful. According to Eastern ideas, fullness in itself, especially for women, is not so bad at all. On the contrary, in the East no one would marry a very thin woman, because she cannot have he althy children. Of course, there is also an element of prejudice, but in many ways it is so. If you read about the life of models after 40, you will find that their he alth leaves much to be desired, many of them cannot give birth to children.By and large, now no one is interested in he althy offspring. If you watch the films and series that are currently on, you will notice that their heroines are usually thin women with a very disturbed mind. As a psychologist, I see that they need psychological support. In our civilization, everything is turned upside down, which is why a very thin woman is considered the ideal of beauty. But for long-term relationships, many men prefer curvy women. Eat right and be he althy and happy!

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