Organize your lingerie locker

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Organize your lingerie locker
Organize your lingerie locker

A real woman should have perfect lingerie. And how it is stored affects the appearance.

Organize your underwear closet

Think lacy panties and bras can't make a mess? Then take a look in your underwear locker. If you are satisfied with its content, then you will not need our advice. However, we are just sure that for many of you it will not be superfluous to have certain rules for storing underwear, so that in the future you do not waste time trying on a bra that has long been worn out or looking for tight tights.

1 A grand division

The main principle of maintaining order in the closet with linen is to give each thing its place. To do this, use inexpensive dividers and drawer sections. Fold your bra cups together so they take up less space. Briefs group by type: slips, bikini, tango or shorts. You can improve your order by dividing the underwear by color or purpose: dark and light, sports and lace.

2 Place laundry in bag

Hand wash preferred for underwear. However, in real life, this is often not enough time. It is best to wash clothes in the machine in cold water in a special bag. Fasten the straps before putting the bras in the bag.

3 Drying

To keep your bras in shape better, dry them on a hanger after shaping the cups. But do not hang on the straps so as not to stretch them.

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