Nonna Grishaeva: “I am grateful to fate”

Nonna Grishaeva: “I am grateful to fate”
Nonna Grishaeva: “I am grateful to fate”

Nonna is now more popular than ever, and there is only one minus - very little time for her family. About what you can do with children in an hour and a half, Nonna Grishaeva told "DO".

Nonna Grishaeva: “I am grateful to fate”

Nonna is now more popular than ever, and there is only one minus - very little time for her family. About what you can do with children in an hour and a half, Nonna Grishaeva told "DO"

BEFORE: Nonna, judging by how long it took you to shoot, are you working a lot now?

NG: Yes, the crisis doesn't affect me yet, thank God. I’m even a little uncomfortable in front of my colleagues: everyone is not doing very well, but on the contrary, I’m filming a lot now. I play in "Daddy's Daughters" a mother who returned. Filming continues in the Big Difference program, which now comes out more often - twice a month, which means that I have more shooting days. In addition, I rehearse in the entreprise "Women Above Us" together with Sergei Shakurov, Misha Politseymako, Igor Lifanov, I play in the Vakhtangov Theater and the comic theater "Quartet I".

BEFORE: You are also raising two children. How long have you been living in such a schedule?

NG: About half a year. I can't say that I'm comfortable living at this pace. On the one hand, I am grateful to fate for the fact that I have an interesting job. But, on the other hand, it is very disappointing that I can be at home with my children for very little time. By nature, I am a very domestic person. I am Cancer according to the horoscope, and for Cancers, home, comfort, and family are very important. We need everything around to be beautiful and calm. I love to cook and do it every chance I get. Especially when the daughter asks: “Mom, prepare the Caesar. Or the husband will timidly say: “I just bought chicken and pineapples, maybe you can cook it?” Of course, I never say no. I love spending time at home and in the country, being close to loved ones. But now this is very rarely possible.

BEFORE: Are there days you spend at home?

NG: Days?! No, this hasn't happened lately. I have a schedule for a month ahead. And there are hours - one and a half or two, which I can spend at home with the children. Today, I will try very hard to finish shooting for Domashny Ochag at eight, so that I will be at home at half past nine, and then I will have half an hour to talk with my son. And at nine he goes to bed. Tomorrow morning I will get up at nine, I will leave at 10, and I will start filming at 11.

BEFORE: When is your work schedule less busy than your weekends?

NG: You know, it's strange, but I never had days off. It never worked out - to take and spend the whole day at home. At the theater we have a day off - Monday. And, of course, on this day I appoint shooting and other urgent matters. It turns out that I have been living without days off for many years.

BEFORE: How do you relax? After all, a person can never be completely distracted from work …

NG: I rest when I realize that I have no strength at all. And then I either get sick, that is, the body seems to say: “That's it, rest. If you don’t want to do it well, then rest in a bad way.” And I lie down for a week with a temperature. Or, to prevent this, I call all the producers and say that I really want to go on vacation, and we somehow move the shooting. For example, on New Year's Eve, I really wanted to be with my family. My husband and my eldest daughter and I went to Thailand. The son stayed at home, a 9-hour flight is too much for him. But in the summer we all go to Odessa together.

TO: What do you do at home with the kids in an hour and a half?

NG: We play, we read. Before, my son and I played hide and seek all the time, but now he likes to build a house out of a bedspread with me: we put the bedspread on the sofa with one corner, on the chair with the other, and we get a wonderful house in which you can do a lot of interesting things. You can even sit on the potty in it! Every day the child gives me some surprises, he is now growing by leaps and bounds. He has the most interesting period, when he begins to say phrases: “Mom, go! Mom, drink!"

BEFORE: What was the very first word he said?

NG: Dad. It's totally daddy's boy. He loves dad more than anyone, not to mention the fact that he is dad's copy, both externally and internally. Recently, our dad turned on the cartoon “Cars” for his son, and now, every time he sees dad, the child demands to watch it again.

BEFORE: Is Dad home as rarely as Mom?

NG: Thank God he has a freer schedule, so my husband helps me a lot.

DO: Congratulations on that, few dads enjoy taking care of little kids

NG: You just have to choose the right dads! Only you understand this simple truth, usually not immediately, but after many years.

DO: Maybe you can share your life experience with the readers of "DO"? How to choose the right dad for the future baby?

NG: It seems to me that one has only to look closely at a man and it immediately becomes clear whether he will be a good father or not. Here you just need to be able to guess.

BEFORE: Nonna, you are now in your second marriage. Admit it, after looking at your first husband, did you also immediately understand that he would be a good dad?

NG: Unfortunately, it was clear to me that he was a bad dad. I had an example before my eyes - his daughter from his first marriage, I saw how he treats her. But it seemed to me that everything would be different for me. And I was no longer so young, I was 24. Nevertheless, I naively thought that everything would be different with me. Did not work out. Now he talks to our daughter a couple of times a year.

BEFORE: What is most important to you in a man right now?

NG: I don't like handsome men, they are very narcissistic. Yes, I don’t like men at all, I have one favorite, and that’s enough for me. I just don't notice others. Probably, as a human being, I like a sense of humor. Without this quality, I would not be able to live with a man at all. Because the sense of humor is a very voluminous concept, it includes a lot. That is, if a person has a sense of humor, this implies that he is an intelligent and self-critical person, that he has self-irony.

BEFORE: Surely you have this wonderful quality too

NG: Of course. It helps me a lot in life, supports me in all life situations and especially saves me in everyday life. When you stand in line at the savings bank or at the passport office, a sense of humor is the only thing that can save you. What annoys me the most is people who get a small share of power and start using it, realizing that someone depends on them.

BEFORE: Does being famous help you deal with these people?

NG: You see, I've become really popular only recently, and so far I haven't had a chance to make sure that popularity changes something. By and large, they began to recognize me when I began acting in the Big Difference program, especially after the New Year's release. When even in Thailand they approached me and asked for an autograph, I realized that this had happened. The day before yesterday, when I went to the store, I realized that my free life was over, now it’s not easy to walk around! I was in a large shopping center, and in almost every store that I went into, they told me: “Oh, it's you! How about an autograph? And I already forgot why I went there…

BEFORE: Have you already felt any positive aspects of popularity?

NG: Of course. For example, some stores offer discounts or even give gifts.

BEFORE: Now you probably have to be more careful than before: if there is a conflict in the same store, then the next day it will all be in the news

NG: In principle, I am not a conflict person. I have never made a scandal in the store before and I will not do it now. If I am offended, I just withdraw into myself and keep silent, crawl into my shell and sit in it until the person asks for forgiveness.

BEFORE: What if he doesn't ask?

NG: God bless him.

TO: Does your older daughter help you with your baby?

NG: Yes, she loves him, plays with him, babysits with pleasure.

BEFORE: Ten years later, do you think motherhood feels different for a woman?

NG: Yes, of course. Ten years ago, when my daughter was growing up, I was very focused on my career and missed a lot. Now, with my son, I try to do everything differently, not to miss anything important, because he changes every day, and it's so interesting!

BEFORE: Does your daughter surprise you anymore?

NG: She's at a transitional age now. They constantly scare me with this, and I'm still waiting: when will these problems begin? But for now, we're doing well. We had a wonderful time with her in Thailand. I really liked how my girl grew up. She's in art school and she's really good at it, and I truly admire it, because I don't understand how you can draw at all. I can't!

BEFORE: Is she already having boys?

NG: Thank God she's not like her mother! It was me at her age who had already been in love and suffered several times, and she doesn’t even know what it is. Just befriend everyone. I fell in love for the first time at the age of six.

BEFORE: Nonna, are you happy?

NG: I am very afraid of this word. I would say that at the moment I feel very harmonious, because in my life the personal and professional have finally aligned. I used to always be good in one area and bad in another. And now, for the first time in my life, everything is successful both there and there.

BEFORE: Are there days when you feel ugly?

NG: I never feel beautiful at all. I don't flirt at all, I really don't consider myself beautiful. I'm pretty, charming, but beautiful - no. Beautiful women are completely different. Olga Kabo, Katya Strizhenova, Zhenya Kryukova - these are beauties. And I'm a character actress and beautiful when I want to be. The most important thing is that I am not afraid to be ugly, in my work it is very important.

BEFORE: Do you use makeup in your daily life?

NG: During filming, my face gets very tired from makeup, so in real life I just powder and maybe paint my eyelashes. I love taking care of myself. I have an amazing beautician, and if I want to pamper myself, I immediately run to her. And she always finds something that can save me at this moment. My favorite treatment is massage. I also have a favorite massage therapist who can bring me back to life. If I have to go somewhere or have an important public appearance, I make sure to go for a massage several times.

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