Getting ready for the summer season

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Getting ready for the summer season
Getting ready for the summer season

We start publishing tips for the "lazy gardener". What needs to be done in winter and in the first half of spring to have a beautiful garden? It is not necessary to work in it from dawn to dusk. Try decorating your yard with minimal effort.

Getting ready for the holiday season!

Many works to create a beautiful garden and fruitful vegetable garden can be done throughout the year. Then in the summer you do not have to work on the site all day. And besides, the thought of a summer cottage in winter will cheer you up and make summer closer!

Getting ready for the summer season 2016

January and February

It seems that there is nothing to do in the country in winter. But it is at this time that a caring gardener is planning and analyzing the last harvest year.


It's time to actively prepare for the new summer season! For every summer resident, March is an important month, despite the fact that in most regions there is still snow at this time, and the air temperature usually does not rise much above zero.

  • Check the bulbs before planting - sort them to remove any bad ones.
  • Start planting good quality potato tubers for sprouting before planting.
  • Use the gardener's calendar to finalize your planting plan for the year.
  • The main task of March is competent seedling care, planting, proper watering and feeding.
  • In early spring, you can start pruning garden trees and shrubs - it is important to finish pruning before the buds appear.
  • Another important task of the gardener is to control the melting of snow, check the operation of the grooves so that the water does not stagnate in the area.


In April, as soon as the soil warms up, you can plant conifers. When planting, follow a few rules: when planting a plant, keep its previous position relative to the cardinal points, do not add any organic fertilizers to the planting pit, except for peat, conifers love sand, and if heavy clay soils prevail on the site, keep this in mind.

Things to do:

The Lazy Gardener's Secret

In the spring, you can not dig up the entire garden, but dig up only the soil in the near-stem circles of trees and shrubs. Do not miss the right moment when the soil is ready for it. It is easy to check this: you need to take the earth in your hand and squeeze your fingers. If a piece of earth has not broken up into large pieces, it is too early to dig; if the earth has crumbled into dust, you are late. It is necessary to dig along the radius from the trunk of a tree or bush - then you will not damage the roots. To dig up the soil under the berry bushes, use a garden pitchfork. First break the lumps, and then level the surface with a rake.

Beautiful and simple

In early spring, the lawn looks faded, the flower garden is also still empty. Early-flowering groundcovers will help decorate your site: felt sapling, sunflower, bitter gourd and spring umbilical. Their dense growth will protect the soil both from waterlogging and from rapid drying, and in addition, it will prevent weeds from growing. It is only necessary to plant spring perennials in groups, one by one they can get lost in the grass, it is better to create colorful compositions from 5-7 plant species (each species should be present in the amount of 3-5 copies).

OUR ADVICE When the temperature outside rises to 12-15 ° C, start hardening off the seedlings grown in the room. Put it on the balcony, not forgetting to shade from the bright sun every time.

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