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A simple solution for complex technology.

Home Office

A simple solution for complex technology

Main problems

1 Dusty electronics.

2 Dirt and stains on the desktop.

3 Dirty keyboard.

Quick Steps

1 Brushing off the dust

Nothing attracts dust like electronics, so you have to clean it regularly. Dust gets inside the processor, causing the computer to overheat. The main reason for the familiar CPU noise is dust trapped under the fan bushings. But, since the monitor and computer processor are fragile things, they require delicate care. First of all, you need a special cloth for office equipment made of microfiber or suede. Or wipes with an antistatic effect that will not damage the surface and will not leave lint. Do not use glass cleaner, as the computer screen has a special protective layer that can be damaged by the chemical components that make up such a product. Lightly wipe the entire surface of the turned off monitor with a cloth. Then dampen a cloth and wipe the dust off the rest of the parts. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the fan at least once a month. With a clean cloth, wipe CDs and DVDs from the center to the edges, but not around the disc (microfiber cloth, 20x20 cm - Parity).

2 Removing dirt and stains from the table

First remove things like files, phone, keyboard and laptop. If your countertop is laminated or made from another washable material, spray it with an all-purpose cleaner, then wipe it with a sponge and rinse. If the table surface is varnished, wipe it with a solution of vinegar and water. Sprinkle the stains remaining on the table with this product and leave for a few minutes. Ink stains can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Wipe the phone and other items with a damp sponge.

3 Cleaning up the keyboard

This is one of the hardest things to do. To clean your keyboard, first unplug it from your computer, then empty it into a trash can by tapping on the back. Use a paintbrush to brush off dust where possible. Then use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to wipe the keys. Let them dry for about 20 seconds before connecting the keyboard to the computer. If you have a laptop and you can't turn off the keyboard, do your best with a brush. Or use a compressed air bottle to blow dust and small objects out of hard-to-reach places (www.komus.ru).

To make it easier next time…

• Keep wipes at your desk in a screen and glass dispenser.

• Keep in mind that now there are keyboards with SpillSeal technology that can even be washed in a dishwasher. As well as mini vacuum cleaners that work via USB.

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