Take every day as a gift of fate

Take every day as a gift of fate
Take every day as a gift of fate

The most important female happiness is when children are he althy and happy, and you are happy with your children. This is the main thing.

Treat every day as at of fate…

“The most important female happiness is when children are he althy and happy, and you are happy with your children. That's the main thing."

TO: Alla Borisovna, you have millions of fans, your own radio, a handsome, young and talented man, you look amazing. Is everything going well in your life today?

A.Pugacheva: Absolute good does not happen. Absolute good happens only to idiots. And I have a striped life: black stripe, pink stripe, blue stripe, polka dots. Today I have a wonderful, light streak. I like her. But! There is no absolute good, especially for me, like for all creative people. Because when we feel good, we still remember Solomon's: “And this will pass” (Laughs.) And it does not let go. and never… And I always had handsome young talented men.

BEFORE: What is female happiness for you?

A.Pugacheva: Before marriage, a woman's happiness is to be understood, to be liked by everyone and to be liked first of all by yourself. This is a woman's happiness. After marriage, women's happiness is in children. When the children are he althy and happy, and you are happy with your children. This is the main thing.

BEFORE: A radio station named after you appeared on 98.8 FM, where you became both the presenter and artistic director. What is Radio Alla for you today - a business project or a desire to say something to the public?

A. Pugacheva: Both. First of all, I want to remind the public about what I have sung over the years, and by the age of 60, listening to these songs on Radio Alla, to summarize something in myself and in my work. This is the plan. I don't know how the business will go.

BEFORE: Who chooses the repertoire? Is there a list of performers approved by you personally?

A.Pugacheva: Radio Alla has music editor Elena Koritich, and we choose the repertoire together with her. This, by the way, is quite difficult, because, oddly enough, there are very few good songs that warm the soul, which is the rule of Radio Alla.

BEFORE: What is the ratio of old to new music?

A.Pugacheva: Approximately 80% of ageless music and 20% of new. The motto of "Radio Alla" is the same as at "Christmas Meetings": "Let the new stars light up, and the old ones do not fall!"

BEFORE: Nostalgia has become fashionable. People go to retro cafes, listen to retro music, buy vintage clothes. Why do you think? And is this mood close to you?

A.Pugacheva: All this is not very close to me. I just don't live it. I don't live retro. I just see that in today's activity, aggressiveness, nervousness, outrageousness and the swiftness of the pace of time, there is not enough stability, calmness, regularity, so that a person sometimes feels normal, calm.

BEFORE: What is nostalgia for you? Do you consider remembering the past a sign of old age?

A.Pugacheva:Remembering the past is a sign of old age. Not forgetting the past is a sign of eternal youth, because when there is not a damn thing in your memory, it means that you are already quite old. (Laughs) I never erase good things from my memory with an eraser. But I try to forget the bad.

BEFORE: Do you often compare: “There was a time, but now everything is completely different?” Do you miss anything from the past today?

A.Pugacheva: From that time I miss, perhaps, only childhood, in which there were mom, dad, grandmother, some kind of serenity and the conviction that everything will work out. Sometimes I lack that conviction now.

BEFORE: They say your house is always full of guests. Which of them can you call the closest? Close friends who know your weaknesses?

A.Pugacheva: Thank God that there are no guests in my house. Because I can't call guests the circle of my closest friends who know me as flaky with all my weaknesses and strengths. That's just what they are. There are no close guests. If guests, then I try to celebrate somewhere, but at home I feel good with my loved ones, who will be offended if they are called guests.

BEFORE: Do you depend on loved ones? Are you comfortable being alone?

A.Pugacheva: I am a public person, and, of course, the concept of “public loneliness” is close to me, I don’t feel uncomfortable when I’m alone. Because this is not absolute loneliness: you are sitting alone, but you have a daughter, grandchildren, friends, creativity, there is a piano, paper, pencils, paints. That is, nothing makes a person lonely, there is no absolute loneliness. And so I sometimes even allow myself to go somewhere alone. And for a long time, in order to gather my thoughts, to collect myself a little piece by piece, crumbling during work. But now I'm less and less alone.

BEFORE: Can you remember who initiated your alliance with Galkin?

A.Pugacheva: With Maxim, I was the initiator, because when we met, he was already a very popular person, very noticeable, and I, as a practical, creative girl, I thought that it would be nice to get involved with such a young and talented person who would help me in something, and maybe I would help him in something. Therefore, I begged him to sing with me, he, of course, resisted very much. But when we sang, there was no doubt that we could do it. We made a whole program.

BEFORE: They say nothing makes a relationship better than a man's sense of humor, and nothing destroys it more than a woman's sense of humor. Would you agree with this?

A.Pugacheva: Complete nonsense! If a man has a sense of humor, and the woman who is next to him does not have this feeling, that's it! End of connection! It may be different, but it must be. Firstly, for the reason that it saves in difficult situations. Otherwise, how to live without aging internally, soul, and externally. Only a sense of humor helps. So don't change my sense of humor in any situation!

BEFORE: It never cheats on you. Who or what can make you laugh? A. Pugacheva: If you try hard, it's hard to make me laugh. Even to such masters as Zhvanetsky. I almost never go to concerts. Misha says this: “I’d better tell you everything later!” Because when I listen to this genius, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, sometimes I don’t find it funny. I experience it as something very wise, I try to remember it. Internally, of course, I laugh, but this is laughter through tears. It's much deeper. He has amazing writing talent. And it's so easy to make me laugh. If I see funny moving eyebrows or some kind of perfect trifle, I will flood. By the way, when I really laugh, my tears immediately flow. If I laugh, then to tears!

TO: Today, many people are fond of esotericism, feng shui theory, astrology, oriental practice of meditation. Are you interested?

A.Pugacheva: I take such things very lightly. Once I read about feng shui and immediately associated one of my troubles with the fact that the flowers in my house were withered, dry. But I did not throw them away, and the next day everything worked out. So I don't know. Although I have all sorts of Feng Shui gadgets. Something I took on board. And, oddly enough, after reading about Feng Shui, I realized that I do almost everything in the apartment correctly. On a whim. So it just needs to feel.

BEFORE: Are you superstitious? Do you believe in signs of destiny?

A.Pugacheva: I believe in signs of fate. Moreover, signals are sent to me quite often. I try to catch them, to feel them. But superstition - real, in a rigid form - I do not have. First, it is a great sin. As for some clues. Well, yes, if you forgot something at home and you return, something will definitely happen on the way. Although I am sure that if I had not forgotten anything and had not returned, something like this could have happened. We just love to take the blame. Oh, I forgot my phone, that's why it didn't work! It's easier this way.

BEFORE: Can you name an event that changed your life?

A.Pugacheva: The most important case was when at the age of 16 I came with my girlfriend Karina Avitisyan to the Teacher's House. We ran away from the lecture to watch a movie, and ended up at the rehearsal of two wonderful comedians - Livshits and Levenburg, who personally auditioned. I liked the boots in which everyone went out to try - red, patent leather. And when they asked:

“That’s it, is there no one else on the list?” I said: “I am! Just to wear these boots. I sang in these boots, and they liked it, they took me and even gave me these boots. It changed my life dramatically, because after that the song "Robot" was given on the radio in the program "Good morning!" Well, isn't it a lucky break?

BEFORE: Have you ever seen a psychoanalyst? And how do you get out of crisis, stressful situations?

A.Pugacheva: No, I didn't have to go to a psychoanalyst. As a rule, they turn to me if someone has something bad. I don’t call myself a psychoanalyst, but I can listen and give good advice, and sometimes I just don’t give advice, because it’s a terrible thing when people give advice without knowing the life situation and the person. How do I get out of stress? Most likely, I go to nature or try to work more. Nothing and no one will be able to overshadow my iridescent mood, I take an eraser and erase it from my soul or pin this nuisance like a flower on a dress. I have recommended this to many of my colleagues. Helped.

BEFORE: Do you think about age with regret? Or does every period have its benefits?

A.Pugacheva: Lord, what are the benefits in old age! Except that you can become a dense old woman who can be forgiven for anything for old age. Which can go out somewhere, get drunk, swear at someone - nothing, our grandmother is walking! Of course, I will not allow myself this even in old age … No, there are not enough advantages in old age. But I do not regret my age, because my life has been successful.

BEFORE: Today, many women spend a lot of effort on the fight against age, and as a result often become not like themselves. Do you manage to look good and not lose your individuality? Do you have a secret?

A.Pugacheva: There is no secret. First of all, no negativity and envy. I would be surprised if those women who look good at a certain age do not do this. Do not be offended (they carry water on the offended) - insults age instantly. Look at the sky more often: night, morning, sunset, sunrise. That is, it is very organic to perceive every day. And take it as a gift of fate. All. In any of its manifestations, life presents us with such surprises - be he althy! It hurts. But you think about the fact that if you break down, people who are nearby will also be hurt by this. It's that little golden ring that you put around you and that's protection.

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