Perfect hair color

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Perfect hair color
Perfect hair color

Whether you color your hair at home or in the salon, our tips will help you find the right shade.

Perfect hair color

YOUR CHOICE. Radiant chestnut

HOME If you don't want to drastically change your color, but want to add brightness and shine to your hair, try the J.F. Lazartigue Vegetable Protein Tinting Conditioner, which gently shades the hair, without doing them any harm. If you have noticeable gray hair, then you will need an intense paint that can even out the color. For example, Excell'10 from L'Oréal, which gives hair a rich color in just 10 minutes and perfectly paints over gray hair. However, there are some tricks here too. For example, if you choose a dye one or two shades lighter than your natural color, then small gray strands will look like highlights.

IN THE SALON Experts admit that painting brunettes is the hardest thing. If the combination of colors is wrong, then a reddish tint may appear, which not everyone likes. After all, if you do not mix shades when dyeing, there will be no shine in dark hair. After dyeing, ask the stylist to apply a nourishing mask to the hair, which, by filling damaged hair cuticles with beneficial substances, makes them shiny. The effect lasts up to six weeks.

HAIR CAREDuring dyeing, dark hair is not as actively exposed to lightening agents as light hair. And this means that dark hair suffers less from damage during dyeing. In addition, the brown pigments repel water, which will wash out the color, making the color last longer. Of course, every time you wash your hair, you need to use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair: they contain ingredients that keep the color fresh and saturated for a long time. Try the Brilliant Brunette Conditioner, John Frieda Collection, which perfectly moisturizes and adds shine to dark hair. If you need extra shine, use products that contain silicone.


1 Examine the paint packaging carefully. The hair color of the model shown on the package does not always match the promised result. Check out the photos on the side of the package to see which shade you can expect.

2 Avoid sudden color changes. If you're not sure which color to choose, try shades that are close to your natural color. The best choice is a paint that is a tone darker or lighter. If you want more drastic changes, keep in mind that an unfortunate light color is easier to fix than a dark one. Poorly dyed blond hair can be tinted with another paint. And the dark shade will have to be lightened and painted again.

3 Get help. If your hair is already dyed, not all colors will suit you. Check with the seller to choose the right product.

4 If you're dyeing your hair dark, start at the roots before moving on to the ends. If you are wearing a light color, do the opposite. Thus, the ends will be lighter than the roots, and this is how sun-bleached hair looks.

5 When you wash off the color and for 48 hours after coloring, avoid hot water - it can wash out the color that has not yet fully absorbed into the hair.

YOUR CHOICE. Flawless Light

HOME If you want to lighten your hair at home, keep in mind that truly luxurious shades are usually obtained by combining several colors, highlighting and coloring. And if you have not attended classes at a stylist school, then it will be almost impossible to do all this at home. At home, you can lighten the hair of those women who were blondes in childhood (their skin color is in perfect harmony with blond hair), and those who have blond or light brown hair with a little gray hair, which after dyeing will look like professional highlights. If you have more than 40% gray hair, you will need permanent dye. Our choice is Schwarzkopf's Brilliance Cream Color, which gives hair an incredible shine.

IN THE SALON If your stylist talks you out of drastic color changes, don't ignore their opinion: maybe your "new" blond hair won't go well with your skin tone or color eye. And besides, keep in mind that bleached hair will have to tint the roots at least 2 times a month!

HAIR CARE Lightening damages hair quite a lot, so you have to take care of its he alth. Faux blondes need deep hydration to restore the lipid layer and achieve shine. Use Paul Mitchell's Color Care Treatment shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair for long-lasting color retention and repair split ends, or Marlies Möller's HelioPro natural botanical shine protection spray. You can also try this trick: dilute a teaspoon of your favorite shampoo in a glass of warm water, pour into a plastic bottle and shake. Then wash your hair with this liquid, rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner for bleached hair.


1 Bring your own photos. Find a photo of a woman with the hair color you want. Warm chestnut or ash are very vague definitions, and it may turn out that you and the hairdresser understand them completely differently. When there is a picture in front of your eyes, it is immediately clear to the master what you want.

2 Think about food. If you do not have a photo with you, compare the shades of your hair with the color of food or drinks. Honey, chocolate, cappuccino, cinnamon are all more expressive definitions than gold or chestnut.

3 If you want to radically change the color, first sign up for a consultation with a specialist. In good salons, this service is free, but for you it can be truly priceless.

4 Perfectly protects dyed hair such a procedure as lamination. Its essence is in the application of a transparent dye that forms a kind of film (it is based on wheat and soy proteins). Lamination allows you to increase the volume of the hairstyle, add shine, and most importantly, it does not allow sunlight, sea s alt or bleach to penetrate the hair structure and wash out the dye. The procedure is especially recommended to be done before the holidays. Laminate will last about three weeks.

YOUR CHOICE. Noble redhead

HOME Dyeing your hair red is no easy task. If your hair is not naturally red, opt for complex copper and chestnut shades, such as Garnier Color Naturals, otherwise the color will come out too bright. If you have gray hair, give preference to a paint that has a brown tone. Pure red shades do not cover gray hair well, and in the most unfortunate cases, gray strands can cast pink.

IN THE SALON The perfect red hair color (like Susan Sarandon's) is usually a mixture of several brown and copper shades and is best left to a professional. Take note that highlights on red hair will add extra volume to the hairstyle.

HAIR CARE Red pigment is washed out rather quickly, so to keep the color saturated for a long time, wash your hair no more than after 1-2 days, and use mild shampoos. Don't ignore masks with proteins, keratin, herbal extracts, jojoba oil - Color Saver Mask by Wella System Professional - and Color Save conditioners by Schwarzkopf Professional, which will keep the color vibrant and prevent fading.


4 tips for those who don't want to hide their gray hair

1 Get a good haircut. The easiest way to look great, even if your hair is gray, is to cut it in a stylish short and use moisturizers regularly, they will provide vitality and shine to your hair.

2 Find out what hair color to expect. The shade of gray hair in adulthood can be predicted. Generally, dark hair will turn steel, red and brown hair will turn gold and silver, and fair hair will turn white.

3 Take care of your hair. Gray hair is very porous and absorbs everything you use like a sponge. When choosing a shampoo, give preference to white products. Green, blue, pink shampoos can give an unexpected effect.

4 Add sparkle. Gray hair lacks a natural sheen, so you have to put in the effort to make it look good. Use conditioners for damaged hair - they contain the most active ingredients.

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