Purification at all levels

Purification at all levels
Purification at all levels

To begin with, a person needs to understand one very simple thing: we all need cleansing from time to time.

Cleansing at all levels

To begin with, a person needs to understand one very simple thing: we all need cleansing from time to time

Imagine: even if you have the most luxurious house and beautiful furniture, it still needs to be cleaned. After all, dust collects on furniture in addition to our desire, even if your house is very beautiful and you live far from megacities. In the same way, a person needs to be cleansed. Regular cleansing is a very important thing in both Eastern medicine and Eastern psychology


The human body is so arranged that the body releases a certain amount of waste. And there is such a feature: during the day the body needs food, and in the evening the body begins, on the contrary, to release toxins. Therefore, Eastern medicine does not recommend the use of night creams, it is believed that they are not absorbed and, moreover, block the access of oxygen and prevent the skin from getting rid of toxins. Ayurveda says that 95% of our diseases arise from the fact that toxins accumulate in the intestines. Modern British scientists agree with this - they believe that because of this, the metabolism is disturbed.


• At least 2 ablutions per day are required. The first time you need to take a shower in the morning, because our body releases toxins until 9 am and if we don’t wash them off by that time, they will begin to be absorbed back. In the evening, 2 hours before bedtime, you need to do another ablution to relieve tension. And just before going to bed, wash your feet with cold water, because negative energy accumulates in them during the day.

• According to Ayurveda, it is very important that the intestines are cleansed in the morning, so it is necessary to improve digestion.

• It is very important to eat right, eat compatible foods.

• And, of course, the body needs regular cleansing. When a person does this, most of the physical and mental illnesses go away. About once a year you need to clean the intestines and liver, once every two or three years - the kidneys. The state of the body also affects our mentality. If the body is not polluted, a person has more creative ideas, he feels better. And toxins in the body and stagnant bile stimulate the manifestation of negative emotions, so it is important to get rid of them. Anyone who wants to do this can read books by Gennady Malakhov or books on yoga.


All diseases are laid first of all not in the physical body. Therefore, it is also very important to cleanse yourself of mental and emotional problems. Even modern doctors have come to the conclusion that many physical illnesses arise from negative thoughts and emotions. If a person is pessimistic or thinks of someone with anger, it reflects on him.


• Try to get rid of negative emotions. The emotion of anger is especially destructive, it instantly starts dangerous biochemical processes in the body. We need to take care of ourselves and not allow negative thoughts, because they complicate our life in the first place.

• Even if you are very attentive to emotions, you can be influenced by someone else's energy. Just as the physical body can be polluted, the emotional body can also be polluted. And even if you just talked with a negative or, as they say in modern psychology, an unresourceful person who is riddled with fear, you can become infected with this mood. It seems that before that you lived calmly, but here you also begin to have similar fears. All this deforms the subtle body, and over time, problems begin at the physical level, and even life difficulties: a person attracts a certain reality into his life and, as a result, cannot achieve anything in his career, in his personal life, and so on.

• Don't get addicted to memories. We need memories as the realization of a certain experience. If we tried to walk along the road twice and fell down twice, because there is a hole in the middle, it means that there is no need to go there the third time. At the same time, an ordinary person most often regrets the past and dreams about the future. But our strength is to live in the present. Most of our energy is taken away by negative memories, resentments. It happens that a person was offended at school, and he remembers this all his adult life. Some studies even show that it is resentment that causes serious illnesses such as cancer. Don't suppress memories or ignore them. But, if memories come, one must observe them without emotional coloring: yes, it was and it has passed. It is even worth drawing such a diagram: draw a straight line and mark on it all the periods when something unpleasant happened to you. And in this place draw flowers or something else that you associate with love. Imagine how the energy of love fills these periods. And if you do it sincerely once or twice, then usually negative thoughts go away.

• For an emotional mood, it is also desirable to take a shower - cool in the morning and warm in the evening. You can even say: “Where there is water, there is trouble” (sleep, illness, etc.). By the way, this was accepted in Russia, I was taught this by Slavic healers. At the same time, you need to imagine that everything unpleasant leaves you with water.

• Connect with interesting, wise people who can teach you something.

• Easy forms of meditation are very helpful. Now many people think that in order to meditate, you need to be a yogi and live in the Himalayas. But it's not. If you come in the evening upset from work, try meditating. Take a shower, turn off the TV. And sit for 10 minutes in silence, watch your breath, watch your mind. Yogis have a "pranayama" system, when a person breathes in a certain way, and all the negative goes away. It is also very important to say: “I wish everyone divine love” or “I wish everyone happiness” - and imagine how the energy of love and bliss permeates your every cell, and from you goes to other people. First of all, to your offenders. It clears the mind.


On a spiritual level, cleansing is the harmonization of our state. We must live, by and large, unconditional love. But the more selfishness and fear, negative emotions in our life, the more karma worsens.

• Repentance helps cleansing on a spiritual level. If you made a mistake, then you need to perform the rite of repentance. It is very important to forgive yourself, to forgive those people who offended you with something.

• In addition, selfless activity helps to clear bad karma. When you do something for others without telling anyone about it, it also contributes to peace of mind. There are two signs by which a person can determine that everything is going right. Firstly, he feels that his life is getting happier every day and even every hour, and this is a constant feeling. It has nothing to do with eating something tasty or having 10 minutes of good sex. This feeling of life in general is a constant inner mood! And the second indicator - every day a person improves relations with others.


In Russia, few have heard of the ancient Indian teachings of Vastu. It is believed that the Slavs also used it, and the Buddhist monks adopted its elements and took it to China, and there, on the basis of vastu, the Feng Shui teaching was formed.


• Garbage should not accumulate at home. It is especially important that it is clean and beautiful before entering an apartment or house. If you have something knocked down at the door, it is believed that this prevents positive energy from entering the house.

• It is very important that the house itself be clean. If the house is dirty, then thoughts become clogged. And suddenly you notice that the husband starts screaming, the wife is angry, the children have become naughty.

• The house should not be unnecessary things. Of course, family or religious relics should be protected. But in other cases, old things carry a lot of negative energy. You need to get rid of things that belonged to a person who was sick and died.

• Throw away old things, they have the energy of Saturn, namely this planet is considered the personification of loneliness, misfortune and problems. It is believed that because of old things, new energy cannot enter the house. For example, if your entire closet is crammed with old and unfashionable clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time, then you close the energy of access to yourself. The universe seems to say: “Why do you need to earn money for new dresses? You've got it all covered!" And you really start to earn less. The best thing is to just give your things to those in need.

• If a woman marries a second time, she should throw away the clothes she has worn with other men. This is especially true of underwear, and in addition, bed linen. Because all this carries someone else's energy, and on a subconscious level, a man will feel it. He may not realize why he is annoyed, but he will treat his wife worse. It is believed that old things left over from a previous marriage destroy a new family.

• If you were seriously ill and there was a threat to life, then after recovery you need to throw out the clothes in which you were sick, get rid of the bed linen on which you slept.

• But there are times when you can and should keep old clothes. For example, a woman lives in a happy marriage and she has a dress that is associated with pleasant moments. Such a dress can be cherished and then even passed on to your daughter, because it carries positive energy.

• Throw away broken and ugly things without regret.

• At home there should be no things made of artificial materials - polyester, synthetic fabrics. Do not buy artificial flowers at home: they are believed to take away the energy of Venus and bring poverty. They can only be bought for funerals.

• The paintings that hang in our house must be chosen very carefully. There should be nothing that is connected with death, with despondency. Do not hang inharmonious pictures on the walls. Best of all, the energy in the house is influenced by beautiful landscapes, flowers, paintings with a spiritual or religious meaning. Teenagers love to decorate their rooms with posters of their favorite musicians and actors. Meanwhile, images of half-naked women or men with aggressive, cruel faces are very harmful, because pictures affect our subconscious.

• Make sure that your home is always nice and cozy. Graceful, beautiful things made of natural materials bring into the house the energy of Venus, which is necessary for a happy marriage and material prosperity. If the home environment is too simple and minimalistic, then at some stage a man has a subconscious craving for other women, because he needs the energy of love and comfort.

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