How to lose weight without dieting

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How to lose weight without dieting
How to lose weight without dieting

They don't diet, don't count calories, and don't gain weight. Is it possible to eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Valeria Fedorova decided to conduct an experiment.

How can you lose weight without dieting

How to lose weight at home without dieting

If for every hour spent thinking about my own weight, I received a ruble, now I would already be a very we althy woman. Sad but true: I've been on diets for almost my entire adult life. I lose weight and gain it back, and no matter what I talk with my friends, sooner or later we start discussing the same eternal topic: how can we finally lose weight?

Before writing this article, I talked to all my slender friends, consulted with two nutritionists, a psychologist and a general practitioner. It turns out that women who remain slim all their lives have some general principles. I decided to try them out for myself. I must admit that in the last two or three years I have been generally satisfied with the way I look. I can’t say that I came to my ideal weight, rather, I learned to live with what I have. But this does not mean that all this time I did not dream of becoming slimmer. And, as it turned out after a conversation with experts, I reasoned like a plump woman. Skinny people seem to think differently.

The main ideas that I heard, I managed to combine into a few rules on how you can lose weight quickly and without diets.

1 When you eat, focus on the food. Don't watch TV, don't read, don't check email. All this distracts your attention from the taste and quantity of food.

2 Wait for the feeling of hunger. If you have the idea that it would be nice to have a snack, you do not need to immediately pounce on food. Appetite is just a signal that after a while you will feel hungry. And then you will need to eat.

3 Enjoy your food. If you really want chocolate chip cookies, eat them. And enjoy every bite.

4 Take your time. My husband and my daughter eat much more slowly than me. I don’t know if this is the reason for their thinness, but from today I will not be in a hurry either.

5 Move as much as you can. While overweight people are on diets, slender people simply lead an active lifestyle. They have always moved and will do so until the end of their days, regardless of weight. Those who want to lose weight see exercise as a burden to lose weight. And they think that later it will be possible to say goodbye to her once and for all.

6 Communicate on the move. Slim people plan interesting activities with friends, fat people plan to sit comfortably with friends at dinner.

7 Relax and enjoy life. Did you overeat or skip aerobics? It's OK. Such a trifle cannot be a reason for panic in slender women. They forgive themselves for their weaknesses, understand that people are imperfect, and live the way they are comfortable at the moment. Fat women, after a late dinner, torment themselves with guilt for several days, forgetting about the joy of life.

8 Have fun playing sports. Like children, slender adults love movement. And they love any activity that allows them to get off the couch and try something new.

9 Get rid of negative thoughts about your weight. Imagine how much mental energy will be released if you stop thinking about diets, calories and excess weight! And if at the same time you also stop discussing all this with your friends? You will have a lot of free time that can be spent on something much more enjoyable. So, I decided to try these rules for myself. In three weeks, I need to find out if it is really possible not to deny yourself anything and still lose weight?

How can you lose weight in a week without dieting

I started the experiment by trying on some old skinny jeans. I use them instead of scales - I just put on jeans about once a month, and it immediately becomes clear to me how my weight has changed. Too much time has obviously passed since the last fitting: I managed to put on jeans and even zip up. But now it was already difficult to breathe in them, not to mention the fact that the belt crashed into the body and a terrible-looking fold of fat formed above it. I confess my heart skipped a beat.

How could I get so fat in just two or three months? And almost immediately I was reminded of rule number 7: "Relax and enjoy life." A psychologist told me that people rarely expect perfection from life circumstances, but when it comes to their own weight, they turn into idealists. Most women are able to put up with career difficulties, but if they cannot lose three kilograms, they begin to feel like losers.So, for starters, I decided to relax. However, to take a few deep breaths, I had to unbutton my jeans. Slender women are not upset because they have gained a couple of kilograms. They just keep enjoying life and I will do the same. No guilt, no shame, no worry about losing weight immediately. I put away my skinny jeans in the closet and put on the ones that stretch and don't get in the way of my breath. Before this experiment, I did not think about how I feel about food. But I have a very difficult relationship with her. Frankly, when I see a plate of something greasy and tasty in front of me, I get scared. Or I'm ashamed of my gluttony. Or even feel disgusted with myself for not being able to stop myself from overeating. My slender friends have a very different attitude to food: for them, it's just a way to stay strong and he althy, but also an opportunity to please themselves. “You can’t treat food as something negative or dangerous,” the psychologist told me.- If you refuse food, then all you can think about is food. When you do sit down at the table, you will feel guilty. And this is a real neurosis. Any woman who has ever been on a diet knows that you can’t bring yourself to a strong feeling of hunger, otherwise you will no longer be able to control yourself and eat everything that comes to hand. Slender women are not afraid of hunger. If they do not have time to have lunch, they do not panic, but simply wait for the moment when they have the opportunity to eat. And they do not overeat, but eat exactly as much as they want. Rule number 2 says: "Wait for the feeling of hunger." And I'm waiting for him. As it turned out, it's not so scary at all.

On Sunday night my daughter and I cooked dinner together. We laid out the chicken pieces on a baking sheet, poured them with sour cream sauce and put them in the oven. It took about an hour before I realized that we forgot to turn on the stove. Dinner time came, the husband arrived, and the daughter began to whimper that she wanted to eat.At another time, I would suggest that everyone eat sandwiches while the chicken is baking. But now I decided to put into practice one of the advice of a nutritionist: “If you think that you are very hungry, try to take a break from eating for a while. Most likely, after 10 minutes, you will realize that your suffering has been greatly exaggerated. I invite my husband and daughter to play Monopoly. And what do you think? The hour flew by unnoticed, and when the chicken was ready, my daughter and my husband and I looked up from the game with great reluctance. Our hunger, indeed, was greatly exaggerated.

Week two

This week promised to be difficult: I agreed to meet on Thursday after work with a friend, and at the weekend I was waiting for a family celebration with my mother-in-law. And besides, there was so much to do that it’s unlikely that I will be able to get out to the gym at least once. But rule number 5 says: "Move as much as possible." However, conversations with my slender friends led me to this idea: in order to move, it is not at all necessary to go to the gym! You can vacuum the floor, do not use the elevator and walk.One friend even gave this advice: “Every time you talk on your mobile, don't sit on a chair, but get up and start walking around the room. This is also movement. “Communicate on the move” is rule number 6. I called a friend and suggested that we go to a photo exhibition instead of dinner. She agreed!

Everything was going great: we walked around the exhibition, talked and got a lot of positive emotions. But at 8.30, when the viewing of the exposition was over, it turned out that we were terribly hungry. I offered to wait another ten minutes and get distracted so that the feeling of hunger would pass, but my friend looked at me as if I were crazy and resolutely went to the nearest cafe. Result: We ate two pizzas and washed them down with dry red wine. On Saturday we went to visit my mother-in-law. There were 12 people, including three children. It is clear that not visiting the mother-in-law means to mortally offend her for the rest of her life. But after a hearty feast, I managed to pull everyone out into the street! The weather was wonderful, the children ran like crazy, and everyone took a walk with pleasure.All I wanted on Sunday morning after a hectic week was to lie in bed with a book in my hands and lazily chew on something tasty. My daughter wants to watch TV, so we stay at home. “Enjoy your food” is rule number 3, and we follow it with great pleasure. First we eat cookies, then popcorn, then we move on to hot sandwiches. Frankly, this goes against the advice my nutritionist gave me before starting the experiment. Since we all love to eat in front of the TV and while reading, we often do not notice how much we put into our mouths. In addition, if we move from one snack to another, then the taste buds are more and more excited, and as a result we eat a lot. To avoid this, the nutritionist advised me to make a list of my 10 favorite snacks. And then, when you want something tasty, you need to choose only one item from this list. "If you really stop at one thing, then eat quite a bit, you'll see!" Yes, we ignored the wise advice of a nutritionist.But by five o'clock in the evening something unexpected happened - we got bored! So my husband and daughter and I put on roller skates and skated around the surrounding lanes for two hours. They returned home tired, but terribly satisfied with themselves and life.

Week three

Another test awaited me: my husband's birthday. We invited our closest friends, but 14 people still had to come. I took the day off from work and cooked in the morning. When the guests gathered at the table, I paid attention to how they eat, and once again I was surprised at how wise the psychologist who advised me turned out to be. “Please note,” this sweetest person told me a few weeks ago, “that thin people and fat people eat differently. Fat ones usually pounce on the dish and eat it very quickly, as if they are afraid that someone will take it away. Thin people most often eat slowly, savor every bite, enjoy the taste. And, indeed, my daughter and husband eat very slowly, they are distracted by conversations, they are not in a hurry.But my husband's complete friend swallows piece by piece! I slowly savored the salad when my husband quietly asked, “Are you very tired? Or do you feel bad? You don’t eat anything at all …”And I was horrified: before, I always finished my dish first, I swallowed it like a boa constrictor, without even feeling the taste. I'm going to eat more slowly from now on.

Results: how to lose weight without diets and sports

Will my jeans fit looser after the three weeks I've lived as a slim woman? This question haunted me throughout the experiment. Probably the most difficult rule for me was item number 9: "Get rid of negative thoughts about your own weight." I tried to! I tried to eat with pleasure, not to go crazy because of the extra piece … Maybe three weeks is too short a time to learn to think differently? Getting out of the closet old jeans, I was very worried. I promised myself: "No matter how the jeans fit, I will not panic!" But deep down, I was worried.I put them on and buttoned them up … A miracle did not happen: the jeans did not turn out to be three sizes too big for me. But I felt free in them! So, I did lose some weight. Probably not a single slender woman would be happy just because she lost a couple of kilograms. But personally, I was always glad that the clothes became freer. And I have no doubt that joy, whatever it is, never hurts.


Tested on myself!

1 If you really feel like it, read the newspaper at breakfast. But then don't eat lunch at your desk or dine in front of the TV.

2 Don't be afraid of feeling hungry - it's not scary at all.

3 Treat yourself to your favorite foods when you really feel like it. But first, earn this indulgence.

4 Eat the way you like. But still try not to be too hasty.

5 Exercise when you have time to do so. And when there's no time, just move as much as you can.

6 Communicate on the move. And then socialize over food. It's so nice!

7 Don't worry if you've gained a few pounds. Nobody will notice this. So should you be worried?

8 Don't expect instant change. You won't think differently right away, but you'll gradually get used to it.

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