Vitamins we lack

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Vitamins we lack
Vitamins we lack

Do you often get sick? Include beans on the menu. About what the body requires when it shows symptoms..

Vitamins we are deficient in

Symptom: fatigue

Not enough vitamins B3, E, manganese, potassium.

Include in the menu: nuts, herbs, beets, green peas, citrus fruits, bananas and sunflower seeds.

Symptom: insomnia, irritability

Not enough B vitamins, potassium and calcium.

Include on the menu: lettuce, citrus fruits and bananas, beans, raisins, beef liver and kidneys, fresh fish, brown rice and other cereals.

Symptom: frequent nosebleeds, dizziness

Not enoughvitamins C, K and R.

Include in the menu: tomatoes, cabbage, green peppers, currants and citrus fruits, candied citrus peels (high in vitamin P), natural yoghurts, fish oil capsules or Omega-3.

Symptom: Teeth decay

Not enoughVitamin D.

Include in the menu: all the same fish oil, liver, butter and other dairy products, egg yolks, as well as fish, cheeses, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, seeds sunflower.

Symptom: Frequent colds and respiratory problems

Not enoughvitamins A and B5.

Include in the menu:carrots, pumpkin and other yellow-orange vegetables, blackcurrant, egg yolk, lettuce, fish, sour cream, butter, beans and melon.

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