Family trip

Family trip
Family trip

Planning a summer vacation? The Internet will help make it cheaper!

family trip

The Internet will help make summer holidays cheaper

Organize your own trip

• This gives you the opportunity to find cheap flights and cheap hotel rooms - after all, travel companies do not work with all air carriers and hotels.

• Best-known solo travel resources: (booking hotels worldwide), (search for hotels, flights, flight connections, etc.).

• In the Russian-language Internet, you can catch sales and discounts on air travel at:, and on the website www. information has been collected about cheap last-minute tickets - they are sold at the last moment by travel agencies that buy blocks of seats on flights in advance.

• Read travel conferences, for example:

Choose a date in advance

• When you ask for tickets at the ticket office, you will find out the cost of a standard fare - often the most expensive one. • Find out the conditions for applying the most discounted rate (minimum and maximum stay, purchase deadline, etc.). It is possible that by slightly changing the dates, you can save on tickets. For example, a return flight on Wednesday and return on Wednesday can cost 20% less than from Saturday to Saturday.

Keep searching until the last day

Most internet sites allow you to cancel your booking up to 24 or 48 hours before arrival without any pen alty. Therefore, if you find a better option at the last moment, you will simply go through the process of canceling and rebooking.

Purchase plastic cards and learn a foreign language

These two simple terms, which by and large are worth only your efforts, in total will open many doors: from discount airlines that sell tickets only via the Internet with payment only by card (for example, you can fly to Berlin for 50 euros) to the opportunity to stay, say, on a farm in Tuscany or in a private attic in Barcelona - where no travel agency will bring you and where a night will cost three times cheaper than in a hotel. But for this you will have to conduct email correspondence yourself.

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