Maria Kulikova: “I want a baby!”

Maria Kulikova: “I want a baby!”
Maria Kulikova: “I want a baby!”

Maria Kulikova is the star of the series "Two Fates", "Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka", "Inheritance", "Blood Sisters". Now she is busy in three performances of the Theater of Satire and is rehearsing a non-repertory production.

Maria Kulikova: “I want a child!”

BEFORE: Maria, is it true you're expecting a baby?

MK: Not yet! But my husband and I really want a baby. We are both adults, and now is the right moment for this. I really hope that everything will happen soon, and your magazine will be the first to know about it. I think that now in our home, only a baby is missing for complete happiness, and maybe even two. Now this is a very hot topic among actors, now many give birth and adopt children. I recently thought about adopting for the first time for the first time and asked my husband how he felt about it.

BEFORE: What did he say?

MK: He replied that he was fine with this. Usually, men rarely react so positively to adopted children. For men, the topic of procreation is more important, and women, by and large, love all children, especially the unfortunate and destitute. Therefore, it is easier for a woman to decide on adoption, as it seems to me. And the fact that Denis does not mind, I was very pleased. First, of course, I want to give birth to my own child, and then, maybe, we will adopt someone.

BEFORE: Are you preparing for your baby already?

MK: Getting ready - we are building a house. Moreover, we have planned such a large house that now I understand that it will be quite difficult to manage such a large household. We already have a lot of work, and when there are more children, there will be even less free time. I just can't imagine how I'm going to take care of a big house! But this is again a masculine approach: since we are building a house, it must be solid. For now, we have the basement floor ready, but as soon as everything is built, we will invite Domashniy Ochag to visit.

TO: Is your home urban or rural?

MK: City, and very close to Moscow. This was also my husband's desire: he is categorically against wooden houses, so we are selling an apartment and building a stone house. He read a lot of literature on this topic and came to the conclusion that wooden houses settle down and are generally short-lived. I ask him: “Are you building for yourself or for some mythical descendants?” He says that both for himself and for posterity. He is a terrible maximalist.

BEFORE: When do you hope to move?

MK: I don't think it will be so soon! We still have finishing work to do. In the one-room apartment where we live, while the house is being built, repairs have been going on for a whole year. It's scary to think how long it will take to finish the house and buy furniture. But our neighbors are wonderful. Next to us is the house of Maxim Konovalov, who starred in Boomer. We have six acres of land, but we hope to buy six more nearby. This is just a residential building, without any gardens and orchards.

BEFORE: Don't you like gardens?

MK: Not only do I not like it, but I treat vegetable gardens with even slight aggression. There was a time when we grew potatoes and carrots in the country and weeded strawberries. It was hell! I hated the holidays, because all the time I had to do something in the garden. I then weeded strawberries and transplanted mustaches, then I picked currants. And the Colorado beetles, which had to be collected, doused with gasoline and set on fire? Horror! It takes a calling to dig in the ground, and I don't have one. I am a city person.

BEFORE: Don't you like to relax in nature?

MK: I really like to relax on the sea, but I don't like to go to the forest. I immediately get the feeling that life is passing me by. As if while I am in the forest, something very important is happening in the city without me. For the same reason, I physically can’t stay at the dacha for more than two days: it’s enough for me to come, fry a barbecue in the evening, and the next morning I’m already starting to get ready to go home. I do not need luxury, but basic amenities are necessary. By and large, only two things are important to me: to be clean and warm. But the middle band is not mine. Apparently, this attitude also remained from Soviet times. Remember how it was? You walk through the forest in rubber boots, plus thirty, in a scarf from ticks, mosquitoes bite you, everything itches! Apparently, as a child, I lost my love for nature. If they gave me a bicycle and said: “Walk”, everything would be different. But the dacha has always been associated with some kind of responsibilities. I believe that children should be protected from agricultural pleasures, they poison their love of nature.

BEFORE: How do you usually relax?

MK: Seven days are enough for me at any, the simplest southern resort, so that I can buy a ticket on the last day, because time for rest appears spontaneously. Before, I was very fond of excursions, and now I’m lying like a corpse on the beach, because the body needs to be allowed to relax. By and large, my excursions are tours. When you work, you travel to different cities and countries. Wherever we have been - in America, and in Germany, and in Israel! And on vacation I try not to overload my brain. On vacation, I don't even diet, I need to pamper myself from time to time!

BEFORE: Do you usually diet?

MK: Yes. I'm awfully fond of food. I don’t understand: why is it given to some to eat anything and not get better, while others are not? It's unfair! I try different diets all the time.

BEFORE: Can you recommend something effective?

MK: The most effective is a s alt-free diet, when you eat everything boiled, without s alt and sugar. But now I'm in the stage of gluttony, although usually filming encourages me to take care of myself. A round face is immediately visible in the frame! But now I was on tour in Tatarstan, in Kazan, and there are so many delicious things there that I could not resist, even knowing that I had to shoot for your cover. You'll have to excuse me. And most importantly, that, as always, the law of meanness worked. Today I rehearsed two performances - one at the Theater of Satire, and the other - an entreprise. And both had people taking measurements for the costumes. “How many thighs? 98? So, I was totally lucky. I say: “You know, I'm not always like this, I'm on tour from Kazan …” They just nod. Probably all the actresses tell them about the same thing…

BEFORE: Maria, are you sure you need to diet?

MK: Statistics show that thin artists are filmed more. The screen after all still adds some kilograms. And women who look good on screen are very skinny in real life. Therefore, you have to limit yourself. I have a lot of respect for comedy roles though, and if I can't control my love of food, I'll find something to do! In the theater, the opposite is true: we have a huge hall for 1200 people and the actress must be stately. They say about very thin actresses - this is “not scenic”. So in the theater my texture is just right. By the way, my husband is very fond of plump ones, and we quarrel with him every time I go on a diet. Imagine, I still have to hide it from him!

BEFORE: How can you hide your diet from the man you live with?

MK: He asks: "Why don't you eat anything?" I told him: “Imagine, I ate so much today at lunch.” Denis arranges an inspection for me. But I'm still holding on, not getting better. DO: Is it true that you dyed your hair because Denis likes blondes? MK: True. He likes plump charming blondes. And when we met, I was a thin, burning brunette. I was the antithesis of what he likes, and on top of that, I smoked a lot. I was such an artistic artist, and he likes domestic women. I, on the contrary, love cafes, restaurants, so that there are a lot of people around. DO: How do you get along? MK: We started to compromise. Gradually, I appreciated the joys of home gatherings. Now I have begun to have parties at home very often, I call the closest people whom I have known since I was ten years old. I cook the same very simple dishes, and everyone has long been accustomed to this. I always make a Greek salad, the only liberty is to add pine nuts to it. Cooking vegetable stew of zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms. And for the main course I make fish in spices and serve dry white wine. A win-win! On the one hand, there is no feeling of hunger, on the other hand, you do not overeat. And for dessert - ice cream and fruit. In everyday life, if I cook, then also something very simple. My mother and I just recently talked about the fact that now the entrances even smell differently. When I was little, on weekends, every entrance smelled of pastries. Either to save money, or because there was nothing in the shops, but every family baked a lot. Now this is not. Now everyone is on a diet. I don't think so much has been thought about it before!

BEFORE: Why do you think?

MK: Because there were no covers of glossy magazines with women with a perfect figure and perfect skin. But I hope we eventually come to the conclusion that natural beauty is the best. Whether a woman is wearing make-up or not, whether she is wearing heels or not, nothing changes. And men now have a lot of complaints: why are you so smart in public, but completely different at home? And we all talk about the need to look good at home too. But after all, the essence of a person does not change from clothes and cosmetics! And in front of you is the same tender, beloved, your own woman, isn’t it nonsense to blame her for not running around the house in high heels after work? But it's hard for men to explain. After all, they are visuals and do not understand that magazines have nothing to do with real life. And I am also subject to all this, although I know very well how the models actually look. I know that even they are not perfect - they have both cellulite and wrinkles. Maybe you shouldn't take a close-up shot of their shortcomings, but you need to understand that they are all living women. Otherwise, you can go crazy. Gotta love yourself! It doesn't matter how you look, it matters how you feel! It's bad enough that our men are not too attentive. They rarely compliment their women. I am trying to re-educate my husband.

BEFORE: Got it?

MK: Not much yet. I ask him: “Do I look good?” He: "Okay, what are you?" - "Well, I'm very beautiful?" - “Well, yes …” And I’m sure that he sincerely considers me very beautiful, but he doesn’t understand at all that I want to hear this from him.

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