Diet plate

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Diet plate
Diet plate

An easy way to eat well and not put on weight.

diet plate

New weight loss method

Determination to diet is often thwarted by the "technical complexities" that come along the way. Indeed, weighing food, analyzing how many calories are in a slice of cheese or a serving of soup, is an activity for over-patient people with a lot of free time. A “diet plate” will help make the task easier.

What is this?

Special plate divided into sections with drawings depicting food groups, multi-colored segments or lines around the circumference. This plate, developed by British experts and improved by nutritionists in the US and Canada, is a clear example of a scientifically calculated balanced diet with the right ratio of all components.

Visual campaigning

A convenient and visual picture of a he althy diet is also very practical: food groups are labeled so that anyone without special knowledge can correctly compose a menu. All products and serving sizes are shown on the plate - you just have to fill it in according to the drawings. On the one hand, such a “smart plate” is a reminder of the necessary products, a very simple way to remember the correct ratio of products, so that you can be guided by this constantly. On the other hand, such a diet not only contributes to weight loss, but also to the reduction of diseases associated with malnutrition, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even some types of cancer. The advantage of the "he alth plate" is that you can not sit on a strict diet, but eat varied and tasty. After all, exposing yourself to the pangs of hunger and stress, you get the opposite result - the weight does not decrease, and the desire to “eat something” sometimes becomes manic.

Turn on your imagination

While the "diet special plates" are not sold in our stores yet, you can try to imagine it.

Simplified version

Mentally divide an ordinary (medium-sized) plate into 4 equal parts-sectors. Three should accommodate vegetables, fruits, cereals (except semolina). And only ¼ - meat, fish or poultry. This way you get a balanced diet.

Method close to the original

Fill a little less than half your plate with vegetables and fruits - they contain very few calories. Set aside a quarter of the plate for potatoes, pasta, rice and other cereals - this will be the carbohydrate sector. If you choose unpolished, brown or wild rice or durum wheat pasta, your dish will be enriched with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Instead of rice, you can take buckwheat, couscous or fresh corn. Fill the last quarter of your plate with protein-rich foods such as lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs, or (for vegetarians) beans, lentils, tofu, or other soy foods. A glass of skimmed milk, kefir or yogurt and a slice of whole grain bread will be a good addition to your he althy diet. If you have a sensitive stomach and "coarse" rye bread can cause an upset, or you just prefer white, replace it with bran or cereal bread. Read the label before buying bread: it should contain at least 6 g of fiber per 100 g of bread. Try to follow the “diet plate” formula not only at home, but also in the office canteen and at a party.

Breakfast plate with calorie control strips

This plate will help you easily determine the right amount and calorie content of porridge or muesli, which are best for breakfast.

The red bar indicates the amount of muesli or porridge containing approximately 200 kcal, including a glass of milk with 1.5% fat. It is better to add 100-150 g of fruits, fresh or dried, to such a serving in order to replenish the supply of fiber and vitamins, since skim milk reduces it somewhat.

How to avoid temptations

During a diet, you especially want something forbidden: sweet, fatty or s alty - that which leads to weight gain. What to do to cope with food temptations? There is always an alternative to harmful, high-calorie and dangerous for the figure.

• If you want fatty Eat soy cheese. Due to its creamy texture, tofu can easily replace a rich sauce or cream, while it will be completely lean and low in calories. You can also make dessert with soy cream and fruit.

• If you want something s alty Eat a banana, dried apricots or almonds. These foods are rich in potassium, which helps curb the urge to try s alty foods.

• If you're craving something sweet Eat berries, fruits, or dried fruits. These are the same sweets and chocolates, only natural, no less tasty, but much more useful. They are rich in vitamins, immune-boosting antioxidants, and fiber, which keeps you feeling full longer. Another option is to slowly drink a glass of low-fat milk as soon as you feel like eating. A good serving of protein suppresses the desire to eat something sweet. Use little tricks. For example, generously adding cinnamon to a baked apple will give the dish the taste of charlotte, but at the same time the dessert will have only about 90 kcal, and not 360, as in a piece of pie.

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