5 tips for flower growers

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5 tips for flower growers
5 tips for flower growers

A few simple rules will help grow a beautiful flower bed in the country.

5 tips for flower growers

1 choose the right lighting

Sun-loving marigolds, marigolds, petunias and some geraniums need at least 6 hours of sun a day. Violets and azaleas growing in partial shade need 4 hours. Shade-loving begonias do well without direct sunlight.

2 prepare the ground

Dig it up and mix it with compost or flower fertilizer. Before planting, tap the bottom of the container to loosen the roots. Plant seedlings in a zigzag pattern. No need to plant bushes in a ruler, it looks unnatural.

3 Water plants daily

Street annuals are almost impossible to fill. To check the humidity, dip your finger into the ground - it should not be dry.

4 stimulate flowering

Remove wilted buds before the seeds begin to ripen. In order not to damage the plants, do it with clippers.

5 rose fertilizer

Dig a banana peel into the soil near the roots (1-2 cm). She nourishes roses and helps fight disease

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