Crisis survival skills and its advantages

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Crisis survival skills and its advantages
Crisis survival skills and its advantages

The psychologist and TV presenter Galina Timoshenko talks about how the crisis can be useful.

How to survive in a crisis and not go crazy

Everyone says: crisis, crisis… And everyone is afraid: what will happen next?! And nothing will happen. It will be what it has always been. First - bad, then - very bad, then - as bad as possible, then - even worse, then - as usual, then - better, better … And then - again good. And then it's bad again. In a word, as always, such things happen. The funny thing is that everyone knows this, but they are still afraid. Because the word is so terrible - "crisis". By the way, what is a crisis anyway? I don’t know if this will please you or upset you, but in Greek, a crisis is just a decision, a turning point, an outcome.

First - and extremely important - if there is a solution, then there was a problem, even if we did not notice it. And then the question is: what was this task? Of course, the task that existed in some hidden form in the economy does not interest us. It is important for us to understand what our life task we have not paid attention to. And we clearly did not pay it back, if the economic crisis has become a crisis for us as well. Remember: life hits us in the forehead when we did not notice her numerous pushes in the back? So what kind of pushes still had to be ignored in order to be so worried now? There are several options.

Option one

A person has not become such a highly qualified specialist in his profession, who is not disposed of even in the most difficult times. This means that the crisis is certainly not the last in the history of mankind! - a person has time to become one in order to insure himself for the future.

Second option

A man viewed his future in only one way - of course, the one that he liked best. The future is sure to be beautiful and cloudless, so why worry about a possible black day? That's what they didn't think about. They took out a mortgage, there are also a lot of loans, deposits in the bank, if there are, then only ruble ones … But fate struck in the forehead, they immediately sat down on the ground. They became saddened, wept: what are we, unfortunate ones, to do now? It would seem that the option is losing from all sides: after all, everything has already happened, nothing can be fixed, right? But not quite like that.

Those who dared to try all the delights of a long hunger strike on themselves know well: the first few days you want to gnaw the throat of everyone around you, since you can’t gnaw anything else. But then the body understands that they are not going to feed it, and makes every effort to live longer in these difficult times. A person becomes quiet and calm, many things from among those that previously seemed to be the main content of life suddenly cease to excite and disturb him … All because the body, which always takes care of us much more than we take care of it, takes matters into its own hands and cuts off everything unnecessary, optional, and even just not too important - so that there is more energy left for the necessary. So, in a crisis, such a careless romantic finally has the opportunity to revise his needs - and indeed his life values ​​in general.

Third option

Man is used to being on a pedestal. He is smart, strong, talented, not every work is worthy of him … This, by the way, is very risky - and not only from the point of view of possible economic crises: falling from any pedestal is much more painful than falling from earth to earth. And such pride usually manifests itself not only in the division of posts into worthy and unworthy, but also in exactly the same attitude towards people. And now such a person gets an invaluable opportunity to return to earth (of course, not in the most painless way …) and again reconsider his views on life. Trains will go to the subway, and drivers there - judging by the ads - are always required. And you can't do without movers during the crisis.

Probably other options are possible, but they'll all be about ignored nudges in the back and suddenly appearing special crisis opportunities. It's all about the Greek roots of the word "crisis". However, there is also science, which long ago investigated this concept in various fields and made many very interesting observations. For example, the fact that a crisis is not just a necessary, but also an inevitable property of any processes.

This is again about the crisis as a turning point. Judge for yourself: it is impossible to go straight all the time. The earth, of course, is round, but it also has oceans - sooner or later you will run into them. And then - one of two things: either stubbornly continue to go in the same direction and choke, or turn off. In other words, either go through crises and survive, or… Let's see from this point of view how many crises each of us has successfully overcome in our lives.

Adult man never dreamed of such trials that fall to the lot of every baby who aspires to be born. The crisis of three years, when the child suddenly begins to understand that in the world there is not just a holistic “something”, but an “I” surrounded by everything else. The crisis of the first separation from the mother, when the child goes to kindergarten. The crisis of going to school, when the child realizes that a carefree life is over and from now on he will have to do something all the time. The crisis of graduation, when you have to start deciding where to go and what to do…

Do you think the crises are over? Nothing like this. There is still a crisis of creating a family ahead, when you need to begin to correlate your freedom with the freedom of another person, the crisis of having your own child, when you have to take responsibility for someone else’s life, the crisis of the death of your parents, when you yourself are next in line, the crisis of the “empty nest”, when children grow up and leave the family… It’s okay, do we manage somehow?

What can I say: every woman once a month goes through a kind of crisis of overproduction, when an unclaimed egg is excreted from the body, and this is also associated with some inconvenience … Not fatal? And you say - crisis, crisis …

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