Erasing the curtains

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Erasing the curtains
Erasing the curtains

We will show you how to solve this difficult problem quickly and easily.

We wash the curtains

We will show you how to solve this difficult problem quickly and easily.

Main problems

1 Dusty pelmets.

2 Yellowed tulle.

3 Stains on curtains.

Quick fix

1 Refreshing dusty pelmets. Curtains are not that difficult to wash in the machine. And if they are made of silk, woolen or crinkled fabric, then the only way out for you is to take them to the dry cleaners. However, hard lambrequins attached to the board (purlin) are difficult to remove and painfully launder. One option is to call a specialist who will deal with the design, and then hand over the pelmet to dry cleaning. But you can try an alternative way. Take a handheld mini vacuum cleaner (or a regular one) and a stepladder. Start removing dust from the top of the eaves where it accumulates the most. Move over the entire surface of a hard lambrequin and do not forget about its inside. Then, holding the fabric with one hand, vacuum between the drapes and pleats. If the pelmet still looks dull and faded, steam it with a special handheld steamer or an iron with a steam button, keeping it a short distance from the pelmet.

2 Bleach tulle. Almost all modern tulle is made from nylon, polyester or cotton. Therefore, you can not be afraid to wash and even dry it in the drum (unless otherwise indicated on the label). To eliminate yellowness, tulle can be soaked in s alted water before washing. And then set the washing machine to a short delicate cycle and a low temperature. After the tulle has been washed, dry it a little in the machine (about 15-20 minutes) and hang it up immediately. No ironing required.

3 Stains on curtains. Before stains can be removed from machine washable curtains, they must be vacuumed using a special attachment. You can also use a clothes roller or a soft brush. Brush off the dust on both sides, working from top to bottom. Finger stains or greasy marks can be removed by mixing a mild detergent with warm water in a cup. Dip a sponge into the foam solution and gently rub the stain. Rinse and wring out the sponge, wipe off the soap suds from the stain. Then dry the wet area with a clean, dry cloth and blow on it with a hair dryer. If there are water stains on the curtains and the fabric is slightly deformed in this place, steam it with an iron, holding it at a distance.

To make it easier next time:

• When you do wet cleaning, don't forget to wipe the ceiling moldings and cornices from time to time with a long mop or long-handled brush.

• Spray the tulle with anti-static to keep it less dusty.

• Use a soft rubber eraser to erase dark spots from vertical blinds or roller blinds.

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