How to save love

How to save love
How to save love

If you are in search of the second half or have already found it, but want to strengthen, consider the recommendations of feng shui.

How to keep love

For the past three months (April, May, June) partner planets responsible for love and passion, symbols of masculine and feminine principles, Mars and Venus, have been walking hand in hand. This is an ideal period for dating, tying love relationships, marriage. Therefore, if you are in search of the second half or have already found it, but want to strengthen it, consider the feng shui recommendations.

• Put a bouquet of peonies or pink roses in the bedroom. These flowers symbolize romantic love. Aquatic plants, such as in aquariums, are good for attracting academic success and for romantic relationships.

• Place a crystal figurine or candlestick in your living room. Crystal is one of the most powerful amulets. It concentrates energy and transfers it to its owner.

• If the walls of the apartment are decorated with family photos, make sure that they are well lit. It is best to hang pictures on the southwest wall. The southwestern zone in the apartment is responsible for relationships, love and marriage. Clutter and clutter in this area can hinder your search for a soul mate or cause problems in an existing relationship. You will not be satisfied with what you have. If in this zone all figurines, images and other symbols are in one copy, life will periodically teach you lessons of loneliness.

• The bedroom is the most important room in the house. We spend a third of our lives in it. This is a place for rest and recuperation, a place for romantic caresses and journeys into the world of dreams. The energy of the bedroom should be favorable, because in a dream we are defenseless and most susceptible to the influence of negative energy.

• The bed should have a moderately high headboard in contact with the wall, with legs (but not too high off the floor) and with a single mattress. Do not use a bed that has two narrow mattresses instead of one wide one. This separates people sleeping in the same bed and can cause problems with sex.

• Do not hang a mirror above or in front of the bed. In a dream, a person gets rid of negative energy. If the dreamer is reflected in the mirror, negative energy always returns to him.

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