How to care for a swimsuit?

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How to care for a swimsuit?
How to care for a swimsuit?

What to do so that the sun, suntan creams, chlorinated and s alt water do not ruin your swimsuit.

How to care for a swimsuit?

1 Once you have finished swimming and sunbathing, be sure to rinse your swimsuit under running water to remove most of the sand, seawater or chlorine.

2 if you did not swim, but only sunbathed, you still need to rinse your swimsuit in water, as sweat and sebaceous secretions reduce its elasticity (this also applies to a regular bra).

3 Never wash your swimsuit in the machine - the material will become rough after the first wash.

4 Use liquid laundry detergent for colored fabrics. Turn the swimsuit inside out and hand wash very gently in warm, but not hot, water. Do not bleach!

5 Do not wring out and iron the swimsuit. After washing, straighten the swimsuit and dry on a hanger, but not in the sun and not on the battery.

6 If you use sunblock, try not to get it on your swimsuit. It is better to apply the cream in advance and wait 15 minutes for it to be absorbed.

7 If suntan cream or lotion gets on the fabric, use a sponge and shampoo to remove it.

8 It takes 24 hours to completely dry and take shape, so it's best to have a spare swimsuit.

9 When you sit on the side of the pool, put a towel over it so you don't catch your swimsuit. Rough and uneven surfaces easily damage the smooth fabric of a swimsuit.

10 If you sunbathe in a wet swimsuit, keep in mind that it is more damaged by the sun than dry.

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