Rest for body and soul

Rest for body and soul
Rest for body and soul

How to leave your worries at home, what to take with you on vacation and what should you take care of in advance? All this - in a special summer guide "DO".

Rest for body and soul

We all dream of the perfect vacation - when the kids have fun, the husband is happy, everyone is he althy and there is time to relax and read. We have been waiting for a vacation for several months, and therefore even a minor nuisance can ruin our mood for a long time. How to leave your worries at home, what to take with you and what should you take care of in advance? All this - in a special summer guide "TO".

Proper rest

Our constant expert, psychologist and philosopher Anatoly Nekrasov talks about how to choose a time and place to relax.

The holidays are in full swing. It's time to talk about rest. Recreation is a part of life and is actually a great art that very few people truly own. We somehow learned to work, but to rest … This thought repeatedly visited me when I found myself in those places that are intended for recreation. For example, on New Year's holidays I was in one of the boarding houses. Despite the fact that people came from different regions of Russia and everyone was different, the rest ritual was monotonous to the point of stupefaction: they arrived, settled down, organized a common table in the foyer on the floor and … the rest begins. The next day: we sleep off, we go to the ski slope, then a sauna and again a feast - either in the room, or on the floor, or in a cafe … On the second day, someone broke his leg. They spent half a day doing it, then part of the group left with him - the rest was over for them.

Signs of self-deception

This picture is repeated in different versions throughout Russia. Geography, climate, surroundings change, but the process remains unchanged. A feast and a stupid lying on the beach … An appropriate infrastructure is organized for such a vacation: the sights that tourists are taken to are often similar in different countries - the ruins of some ancient structures, monuments to historical figures, souvenirs of the same type … Many have already become bored with such a vacation. We visited different countries, oceanic islands - and it is already difficult to find a new one. And for those who have already tried a lot, different exclusive options are invented. I met a friend who has a number of businesses that give a certain financial freedom. He is smart, literate, does not drink, quit smoking, reads a lot and follows the latest literature … And he devotes a lot of time to outdoor activities. Fishing, skiing and traveling - these are his three main areas of recreation. We meet with him a couple of times a year. Once at one of the meetings we had such a conversation. He says:

- This summer is very active for me. I have just returned from Karelia. And this year, my wife and I rested in an extreme camp and spent a month in Sicily.

- What can you do in Sicily for a month?

- We rode around the island for a month, stayed in private hotels, and swam. The sea is good there. True, then fires started there, it was very smoky, it was even difficult to drive along the road, and this spoiled the impression of the trip.

- Have you ever wondered why during your stay on the island, there were big fires? Why at this time and why did you have to experience inconvenience? After all, there is nothing accidental in life! Even the atheistic Marxist-Leninist philosophy says: "Randomness is an unknown regularity." Have you tried to understand this "accident"? Turns out he didn't even think about it. The world constantly prompts, gives different signs, but we pass by, do not notice and … get problems.

- What did you do at the extreme camp? So what's this? - Oh, that's interesting! Imagine, adult uncles and aunts play in childhood! Come off in full! There you can do whatever you want - that was the highlight of the camp. Tree-height obstacle courses, paintball, quad racing, and more. For example, it was interesting to watch how, split into two teams, people played giant football. The ball with a diameter of two and a half meters had to be pushed into the goal of the other team. And against the background of this big ball, the adults really looked like children, and pushed like children. Only the strength is not childish, so there were many injuries.

- Probably, you had to pay a lot of money for all these pleasures?

- Yes, it's expensive. There generally go non-poor people. He did not feel my irony and, immersed in vivid memories, for some time talked about other "extremes" of this holiday. At some point, I asked him:

- Haven't you noticed that most people live in a culture of mentally unborn people, in other words, those who are in the mind of a child? And in this case, you describe a vivid manifestation of this culture, when adult-children play games, crippling each other. Haven't you thought that your soul brought you to this camp, so that you look at this kindergarten with adult eyes and draw some conclusions? For him, such a turn was completely unexpected … It is difficult for my friends to be with me - I always strive to speak honestly. So they deceive themselves and others, so they live in an illusion, and they believe that this is the life of a modern person. In Perm, on the wall of a house, someone wrote in large letters: “Work. Consume. Die." This is the slogan of the majority of the population. Sad.

- What did you do in Karelia? Did you go kayaking on the lakes?

- We went fishing there. But the fishing didn't work out. Fishing should go to Astrakhan, in the Volga delta. Everything is well organized there, right down to the helicopters.

Six months later, when we met again, he was with a cane - he broke his leg in Andorra skiing. American psychologists tested thousands of people before and after rest, and almost all of them had an average IQ decrease of 30%. That is, logical abilities have decreased by a third! Our Russian vacationers rest even cooler, drink even more, and this figure is probably not higher. Is that what vacation is for?

Informed choice

Why does a person come to Earth? To be born, grow up, work, if you're lucky, then get pleasure, but more often suffering, and die? But man is the only creature on the planet who can improve himself: to know the world, himself and reveal his endless possibilities. And rest needs to be given a new content. Humanity has matured. And the tourism business should be built in a different way: to make sure that during the holidays a person not only “gets he althier”, but also learns a he althy lifestyle, masters some kind of craft and useful skill, shares his experience and knowledge. After all, people of different cultures, professions, and talents gather in one space. In recent years, before any trip, I ask myself questions:

• Why am I going? What tasks do I want to solve? And among my tasks there is always this one: what will I give to the space where I am going?

• Where to go? Do you need to go? Each region has its own peculiarity, and you need to be literate enough to choose the right vacation spot, you just need to think about it.

• The third question: with whom to go? The same very important question. After all, the main value of rest is communication. The answers to these three questions are easy when you understand that every moment of life (and rest too) is intended for human development. By laying such a meaning - development, everything lines up in the best way, and after such a rest, the state of a person, and his relationships in the family, and business - everything acquires a new quality!

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