Marina Alexandrova: "How difficult it is to be a wife"

Marina Alexandrova: "How difficult it is to be a wife"
Marina Alexandrova: "How difficult it is to be a wife"

A year after the wedding with actor Ivan Stebunov, Marina Aleksandrova told "DO" about how her life has changed due to marriage, how she copes with household chores, and about when she is going to become a mother.

Marina Alexandrova: "How difficult it is to be a wife"

A year after the wedding with actor Ivan Stebunov, Marina Aleksandrova told "DO" about how her life has changed due to marriage, how she copes with household chores, and about when she is going to become a mother

BEFORE: Marina, how are you and your husband going to spend your vacation this year? Do you already have any plans?

MA: Of course, there are plans, but in our difficult time it is absolutely impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, I would rather say this: there are dreams that I would like to realize. For example, I would like to travel around America in the best Hollywood traditions: rent a car and drive around the country, stay in motels. Or visit Mexico and also travel there to different cities. For me, in general, the most curious thing about traveling is not the sights, which are full of tourists. I like to spontaneously find some interesting things for myself - to go by car and stop in small towns. This happened to me in Italy: we stopped from the town and went into the first restaurant we came across, full of locals. It was amazing there! I have never tasted better food in my life! The main thing in the country is to see the color of life, to feel the taste. For example, in Cuba everyone dances. People have a salary of about $25 a month, but they are not afraid of any crisis, because Cubans under 80 dance, smoke cigars, drink mojitos, smile and are happy to see everyone.

BEFORE: Could you live like this?

MA: Hardly. They don't even like to work! Exactly one year ago, my husband and I spent our honeymoon in Cuba, so we stayed in a luxury hotel. But even there, if you ask for something, you get it in half a day. I confess to you: I have never cursed so much in my life as I cursed Cubans on my honeymoon. I always demanded something from them. The guide then explained to me what was the matter. In Cuba, it turns out, there is a saying: “You go slowly - you will come, you go fast - you will come. So why rush?" Their slowness really pissed me off.

BEFORE: You don't look like someone who will put up with things they don't like.

MA: It is. I believe that life is one and you should enjoy it. Why rob yourself? I'm selfish and don't hesitate to talk about it. If the issue can be resolved and the situation changed for the better, I will do it. Why step on the throat of your own song? But, you know, I had to learn this for a long time - to tell people no, to refuse what I do not need, and to insist on what I need. There are times in life when they try to use you very ugly, and you need to be able to deal with this. And then I am demanding not only to others, but also to myself. I do not allow lateness, because I know that people are waiting for me. I can't stand it when our stars are late to the set. I starred in a French movie, and it was played by an actor who once starred in Bertolucci's The Dreamers. So, he was the first to come to the set! In Europe, it is considered: the higher the status of an actor, the higher his responsibility. And with us, on the contrary, the higher you are, the more liberties you allow yourself, you can be at least three hours late, and everyone will be waiting for you. To be honest, I don't understand this. And I always arrive on time - minute by minute.

BEFORE: Just one year ago, in June, you got married. Admit it, have you had more household chores this year?

MA: Of course! I will not say that family life is arranged easily, by magic. In general, I am very pedantic, and even more so in the household. I need everything to be in its place, I love cleanliness. So my husband is having a hard time.

BEFORE: Are you re-educating him?

MA: I'm not trying to reform him. It is generally difficult to convey anything to a man, especially when it comes to household chores. They think it doesn't matter. I tell my husband something like this: “I would be very pleased if you put your shoes on a shelf, and not throw them on the floor.” It turns out that he does not fulfill my whims, but does something pleasant for me. In general, I must say that I got another job - the work of my wife. And now I understand those wives who complain about everyday worries.

BEFORE: Can you manage to keep romance in a relationship?

MA: Of course, as in all families, the romantic flair goes away. And you still want breakfast in bed, balloons under the ceiling! It seems to me that romance needs to be dosed - to inject the hormone of happiness little by little. But I must admit that lately my husband and I have so much work that we rarely see each other. And for us, just being together is already a great joy.

BEFORE: Did you celebrate your anniversary?

MA: Honestly? We are not too reverent about this date. I don’t have such that on the seventh day of every month something inside is stinging and I think: “How happy I am!” On the contrary, my husband and I are so emotional people that every seventh day we are ready to quarrel - simply from an excess of feelings. Apparently, each of us expected some kind of miracle from this day, but what kind of miracle can happen on schedule?

BEFORE: But you still remember that you got married on the seventh!

MA: I remember! But the desire to take care of someone or do something nice should not be tied to some numbers. Since I was a child, I have not been very fond of holidays. When I was little, I had the illusion that some miracles should happen on holidays. And by and large, any holiday is still an ordinary day. Apparently, there were no people in my life who would become wizards. Your personal idea of ​​how it should be is always different from what it really is. And the internal discord begins. Therefore, at some point I realized: a holiday can be every day, it does not have to be associated with memorable events. Miracles are to be found in everyday life. Here the sun peeked out from behind the clouds - I'm already very happy. Don't miss out on the little joys! For example, I really like to make gifts - it's such a joy for me! The most important thing is that I have a fantasy, and this is not enough for many. Maybe in the future I will open a holiday agency.

BEFORE: What have you been giving your husband lately?

MA: I recently gave Vanya a remote-controlled aircraft. After all, every boy dreams in childhood of such an airplane, or a car, or a railway, but not everyone had it. They grow up, but deep down they still remain children. I think it is very important not to kill the child in yourself, not to become such a prim adult woman who knows the answers to all questions. And never stop being surprised. Vanya really liked the plane!

BEFORE: Marina, do you feel happy?

MA: Now yes. But we propose, but God disposes. Do you know why I don't like to talk about personal things at all? Because I see a lot of famous people tell how they love each other and then get divorced. Relationships are not without reason called personal, because they are only for two! I do not understand those who, like manna from heaven, are waiting for the stories of some celebrities. Sometimes I don't listen to my own mother. Why should anyone be interested in what complete strangers think about this or that? And here's what I can say about happiness: at some point I learned to enjoy the little things. Sometimes I’ll go to an expensive bakery, buy bread for a thousand rubles and go so happy! I also really love bookstores, I don't even have time to read everything I bought! After all, our lives are made up of little things.

BEFORE: Do you like shopping?

MA: Yes. After all, we earn money in order to spend it. And it is better to spend them on something that pleases you. Of course, you have to pay for the apartment and repair the car. But you need to pamper yourself too!

BEFORE: What do you indulge in?

MA: I love to eat and I don't deny myself that. I love Italian cuisine! I like risotto, but in general I am a supporter of he althy food. Most often I eat separately, but at the same time I like everything to be exquisite - both beautiful and tasty. They say I'm a very good cook. Recently, even my dad praised me. And given that my mother cooks amazingly delicious, my father's praise is very important to me. I love to cook.

TO: Your signature dish?

MA: I bake fish really well and I'm good at spaghetti. But in principle, I can cook whatever I want. If I have a free hour, I enjoy cooking at home. I also pamper myself with a bathhouse, I go there every week. My hobby started a year and a half ago, and during this time I got all my friends hooked on it. At first they said: “What? To the public bath? Yes, for nothing! And now they themselves call me: “Well, when will we go?”

BEFORE: Do you go to the public bath?!

MA: Well, yes. And the fact is that in a private bath you will never get such steam! In addition, the baths now are not at all the same as they were in my childhood. When you leave the steam room where you were beaten with brooms and jump into the cold pool, it's something amazing. Even if the husband does not put his shoes in the locker, after the bath I will not be very upset! In our time, it is so easy to drive oneself into depression - repairs have not been made, the car has broken down, there are no good roles … By and large, if you treat life like this, you can immediately soap and rope. So I try to find joy for myself.

BEFORE: Do you just ignore trouble?

MA: Of course not. I have, you know, a very he althy psyche. A magazine recently wrote about me that I was even too normal. Now it is fashionable among actors to play inadequacy, to be mannered, it sells so well. And I, on the contrary, am too he althy for all this abnormality. If I start behaving the same way, my mom and dad will immediately say to me: “Are you sick?” I think you need to be honest with yourself and others.

BEFORE: We keep hearing that you're expecting a baby.

MA: Yes, my mother recently said, “Only elephants carry babies this long, when will you give birth?” As you can see, I'm not going to have a baby yet. A lot of plans. I think maybe it's good that there are so many rumors, because when I really get pregnant, no one will believe it. But by and large, a child is the main thing for which a woman comes into this world. The main thing is not to play Juliet or Ophelia, but just to give birth to a child.

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