Summer reading

Summer reading
Summer reading

Everyone who goes on vacation, if he does not prefer a 100% plant-based vacation, invariably faces the question “what to read?”.

Summer Reading

Before anyone who goes on vacation, if he does not prefer a 100% vegetable holiday, the question invariably arises "what to read?". Alexander Nabokov, Deputy editor-in-chief of the Book Review newspaper, tells how to choose books.

In this review, we will mainly talk about book novelties of the last year, but we will try not to forget the classics. So, let's begin. And we will start with the traditionally most numerous genre among the "vacation books" - detective stories, science fiction, horror and others like them. Leaving aside a host of all kinds of "feminine", "ironic" and the like, let's pay attention to the qualitative representatives of the genre. Here, with confidence, we can recommend almost every book from the series “The Cure for Boredom” (M.: “Foreigner”), since the compiler of the series, Boris Akunin, never had bad taste. The only thing that can confuse the gentle and relaxed souls of vacationers is excessive naturalism and a huge amount of blood flowing on the pages of these books. They can recommend the books of Andreas Eshbach, already quite popular in our country. And first of all "Video of Jesus", his most powerful and exciting novel. But the rest of his books (“A Special Gift”, “Iron Man”, “Nobel Prize”, “Scorched”, etc.) will not let you get bored. Of the science fiction writers, Neil Gaiman seems to be the most interesting - at least his "Coraline", "Through the Door" or "American Gods" on vacation are easy to master.

What's a vacation without a master of horror! "The Story of Lisey" and "Dyuma Key" - reading is not very easy, but we recommend it. As well as the new works of Dean Koontz "Eyes of Darkness", "Voice of the Night" and "Your Heart Belongs to Me". As for the detective classics, we advise you to get acquainted with the work of Rex Stout. His pair of detectives Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, of course, are not as famous as Holmes and Watson, but the world created by Stout is very believable and cozy, you want to return to it again and again. For those who prefer “something easy” to murders and secrets, here are our further recommendations. Fiction, domestic and foreign. Let's start with foreigners. On the beaches this summer, Cecilia Ahern and Stephenie Meyer will be unrivaled. However, besides them in this genre there is something to read. For example, Didier van Covelaert's smart, easy-to-read novels The Gospel According to Jimmy and Attraction, Christopher Buckley's funny satire Boomerang Day, Christopher Moore's rollicking humor - Passion Lizard in Sadness Bay, Practical Demon Breeding, Vampires: A Love Story". As for the classics, the work of P. G. Wodehouse, best known in our country for a series of books about Jeeves and Wooster, can become a win-win option for reading on vacation.

Let's move on to domestic representatives of the genre. There is something to read here. Here, for example, Dmitry Lipskerov's collection of short stories "Bullfinch Meat", Zakhar Prilepin's collection "Boots Full of Hot Vodka". Dima Fedorov in his "Football Tale 2012" chose the form of a virtual football match, where the forces of light fight the forces of darkness … I think that our readers will also be interested in the debut book of the famous translator Masha Spivak "The Year of the Black Moon". The famous writer Yuri Polyakov published a complete collection of his works. Of course, not all novels are equally good, but the unforgettable "Apothege", "A Goat in Milk" or "I Planned an Escape" are quite worth reading and re-reading.

But what are we all about fiction? And among non-fiction there are a lot of interesting books that will not let you get bored and will not load you too much. Of these - just a few interesting biographies. For example, we recommend David Remnick's book "Mohammed Ali" about the life of the famous boxer and "The Soviet Life of Lev Landau" by Gennady Gorelik. Both of them are written vividly and brightly, quite capable of brightening up moments of boredom and the sweet bliss of idleness. If you don’t part with a volume of poetry even on the beach, then you won’t find anything better than the books of Vladimir Vishnevsky, in particular, one of his last works “To be replaceable is ugly”. Read it, it's really good poetry.

And finally, we can not say about those who have a rest with children. We recommend the book by Dina Sabitova "Circus in a Box", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Karl, a series of books by Sven Nurkvist about Findus and Petson. Well, for those who are older, there are books by Vladislav Krapivin and Kir Bulychev.

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