Choosing glasses by face type

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Choosing glasses by face type
Choosing glasses by face type

The bright sun is a reason to think about sunglasses.Many find it difficult to choose: what to guide and how to buy?

Choosing glasses according to the type of face

The bright sun is a reason to think about sunglasses. Many find it difficult to choose: what to follow and how to buy? The fashion for glasses also has its own trends. Sunglasses: what you need to know about them?

1 Sunglasses are made of plastic or glass, more than 90% of glasses with plastic (polymer) lenses. With the development of new technologies, plastic has become much better and is now in no way inferior to glass, moreover, it is safer.

2 Protecting your eyes from UV light is very important. It's best to have "UV-400" printed on your sunglasses, meaning that the lenses protect your eyes from all UV rays.

3 The colored lenses of sunglasses are not always pleasing to the eye, so be careful when choosing glasses with bright unusual lenses. For example, it is believed that brown lenses are the most pleasing to the eyes. But doctors do not recommend buying glasses with blue lenses for children.

4 Read the labels on your sunglasses. For example, the “CE” mark indicates the compliance of glasses with European standards, the same is indicated by No. 1836 in the product passport.

5 The degree of protection against bright light varies from lens to lens. The lenses are divided into categories, which are indicated on the glasses themselves or on the packaging in numbers: 1 - lenses transmit 43-80% of the light, designed for inactive sun; 2 - skip 18-43%, suitable for sunny weather; 3 - let through 8-18% of the light, for the active sun; 4 - skip 3-8%, for a holiday at the seaside or ski resort.

6 Caring for sunglasses is easy: store and wear them in a special case, wipe with a soft cloth. If your glasses are heavily soiled, wash them with soap and water.

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