Irina Khakamada: Time to be surprised

Irina Khakamada: Time to be surprised
Irina Khakamada: Time to be surprised

I believe that on vacation you need to be surprised. You need to go where you have never been and see what you will remember for a lifetime.

Irina Khakamada: Time to be surprised

I believe that on vacation you need to be surprised. You need to go where you have never been and see what you will remember for a lifetime. And it is not necessary to fly to distant lands. You can be surprised in the country, if there is a desire.

I have visited a lot of places and realized one simple thing: you can gain impressions in a small hotel by the sea, where you are going with your child, and on a fantastic expedition through the jungle. It's just that the experience you get in the jungle and in a hotel by the sea will be different. But it remains to be seen what will be more pleasant. The only thing I know for sure is that you definitely need to go on vacation. Big cities do not let you go even for a minute, and it is very difficult for a person to relax without changing the situation. When you get to a new place, this in itself helps you to escape from problems and fuss, and the hassle somehow goes away by itself. The main thing is to understand that vacation can be different, and not demand the impossible.

Once I went to Africa for a photo hunt. And the most surprising thing was that I did not go at my own expense, but joined the expedition, posing as a journalist. We flew from camp to camp by plane and saw fantastic places: in one valley there was water, in another - white s alt, in the third - bushes … Somewhere there were a lot of elephants, somewhere hippos lived, and somewhere - only jackals and no one else. Imagine: you are riding with a ranger in an open jeep and they find the animals you are photographing. You can’t get out of the car, but it’s still wildly interesting! I then photographed a crazy number of elephants, lions and hippos. And one night, fabulously lucky: I managed to take a photo of a leopard that was hunting.

Another time I visited the wild jungles of Borneo, it was another expedition - biological. There are practically no animals there: they were all eaten by local tribes. And those who remain live high in the trees. These animals have webbed paws, and they plan, because the jungle consists of several levels. Who just does not fly there! I saw flying squirrels, flying frogs and flying koalas. Honestly! For two weeks I stomped my feet through the impenetrable jungle, spending the night in different camps, once we even spent the night in the tribes. Leeches periodically drank into me, and I was covered in blood. Some foreigner caught an infection, and he was taken away from the jungle by helicopter. And I didn’t even get vaccinated against malaria: I was accompanied by intelligent people who said that there was nothing dangerous in such a journey. And I believed them! But when you do not think about the bad, it somehow slips without consequences. During that vacation, I was tired like never before in my life, but it was unforgettable. After returning, the jungle was still noisy in my head for a very long time.

When I go on vacation with my daughter, it's a different story. No risk and no adventure! In this case, the ideal vacation is two steps to the sea and a minimum of people on the beach, many small cafes and by no means a hotel, but an apartment with a kitchen. I hate staying in hotels with a child. Firstly, they get an abundance of tourists, secondly, the monotonous food gets on my nerves, and thirdly, all this is expensive. It is more convenient for me to cook by myself, go to small shops, buy fruits and vegetables and eat what I want. And maybe once every two or three days, take the child to a restaurant. Convenience is important to me with a child, and Africa is out of the question.

My daughter, for example, really liked Disneyland near Paris. It is very convenient there: you can stay in a hotel right on the territory of Disneyland and run around the rides from morning to evening. But here's the surprising thing: I'm afraid of rides. I feel sick even on a children's carousel, and once in Las Vegas I foolishly went down a roller coaster, after that I was pumped out for a day, and I gave up the rides. A strange thing: I am not afraid of poisonous snakes and predators, I am not afraid of 100% humidity and wild jungle. Rollercoasters make my nose sweat even if I'm just looking at them!

It is very difficult to relax without leaving home. You can travel close to home - wander through the forests and fields, see the monasteries, sit in the country, but just do not stay at home. The most important thing is to change the place, already from this alone the vanity leaves the consciousness.

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