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From July 1, a law will come into force in the Russian Federation prohibiting the operation of gambling establishments everywhere except for designated areas.

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From July 1 this year, a law will come into force throughout the Russian Federation, prohibiting the operation of gambling establishments everywhere, except for four zones specially designated for this - in Primorye, Altai Territory, Kaliningrad Region, as well as on the border of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov areas. The only exceptions are sweepstakes and bookmakers, as well as lotteries - Russian law does not classify them as gambling.

The work of gambling establishments should be completed by 22 - 23 hours on June 30th. After that, the owners will face administrative and even criminal pen alties for illegal business.

So far, none of the four gambling zones is ready. Experts fear that the gambling business in such conditions will simply change its sign. Now gambling halls are changing signs, turning into poker clubs and Internet cafes with access to virtual roulette. So, 54 sports poker clubs, lottery salons and Internet clubs have already appeared on the Don.

Another danger that experts are talking about is the withdrawal of the gaming business into the shadows. There is no doubt that some representatives of the gambling business will try to continue their activities illegally.

And yet there is hope that this measure will lead to a decrease in the walking distance of all kinds of gambling halls and casinos, and will reduce the level of gambling addiction in society. Indeed, according to psychiatrists, a person suffering from gambling addiction ultimately loses his job, family, social status, in fact, the destruction of personality occurs.

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