The biggest flaw

The biggest flaw
The biggest flaw

What flaws in their appearance do women most often hide?

The biggest disadvantage

British researchers decided to find out what shortcomings of their appearance women most often hide. It turned out that almost 50% of the fairer sex are ashamed of their legs

47% of women admitted that the appearance of their own legs just frightens them, and one in six is ​​embarrassed to wear dresses or skirts and hides their legs under trousers. The main reasons for this are varicose veins - a disease that almost every woman faces - and cellulite.

Experts found: 17% of middle-aged and older women believe that it was the appearance of their legs that prevented them from succeeding in life. And more than 60% of the fairer sex would feel much happier if it were not for foot problems.

Every fifth lady confidently wears mini-skirts, but 49% of respondents try to cover their legs with a towel when they put on a swimsuit. The researchers were surprised by the fact that many women simply hate their legs and therefore rarely wear skirts or dresses.

The owners of the most perfect legs, according to the majority of respondents, are Elle MacPherson, Beyonce and Cheryl Cole.

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