Teaching a dog to swim

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Teaching a dog to swim
Teaching a dog to swim

Swimming is a great workout for your pet, which is overflowing with energy and desire to play.

Teaching a dog to swim

What are the rules for bathing a dog?

The optimum temperature for bathing a dog is plus 20−22°С, bath time is 10−15 minutes. It is best to go to the beach in the morning or in the evening, before meals. Do not let your dog jump into the water hot. If she has just been actively running around, wet her head first and give her a drink. Do not allow the dog and do not provoke him to dive. Take a dog towel to the beach and after bathing, dry the animal (if the air is cooler than water), especially dry the ears.

Which waters are not recommended for dogs to swim in?

In the rivers or ponds of large industrial cities. Do not bathe your dog in a stagnant body of water where many waterfowl live. Its worm larvae can float on the surface of the water and burrow into the dog's skin, causing your pet to itch and get anxious for up to two weeks. Avoid bodies of water with steep swampy banks and fast currents, as well as those where there are underwater pits and stones. Reservoirs that are open SES for bathing people are quite suitable for bathing dogs, unless, of course, there are special signs "Bathing dogs is prohibited." Often, dog owners take their pets with them when they go to rest on the sea. It must be remembered that the sea water is s alty and can irritate the dog's skin. After bathing in s alt water, be sure to rinse your dog under a freshwater shower.

When should an animal be washed after bathing?

The animal needs to be washed if after bathing it has been in nature for a long time, wallowing in the sand and frolicking in the road dust. If the dog came out of the water dirty, or after bathing, the coat has an unpleasant smell, it must be washed using a special shampoo for dogs, and it is desirable that this product be of high quality, then it will not dry the skin, and the pet's coat will be silky and shiny.

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