Shall we swim?

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Shall we swim?
Shall we swim?

Try to ensure that the bathing process brings only positive emotions to your pet.

Shall we swim? Not all dogs are delighted with water procedures. But, if you can’t do without washing, try to ensure that this process brings only positive emotions to your pet.You will need:

• dog shampoo

• dog conditioner

• 2-3 towels

• cotton pads

• rubber bath mat

• combBefore bathing

The answer to the question of how often to invite a dog to the bathroom depends on his love of active games on the street, on the breed and condition of the coat. Ask your veterinarian how often water procedures are recommended for your dog breed, and prepare in advance for this troublesome event. If you suspect your dog has sensitive skin, test the shampoo on the crook of its paw the day before washing. If there are no signs of irritation, wash safely!

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