What attracts men?

What attracts men?
What attracts men?

American scientists have determined what exactly is most attractive in women's appearance for men.

What attracts men?

American scientists from the University of Massachusetts conducted a study in which they determined what exactly is most attractive in women's appearance for men.

They showed he althy heterosexual men pictures of attractive women. The study confirmed that for all 6000 years of the existence of mankind, for men, female external attractiveness has always been in the first place, although men are guided by slightly different factors when choosing a spouse.

So, what attracts men the most? In the first place was a sports figure, which the representatives of the stronger sex like much more than thinness. Subconsciously, men consider well-built girls capable of childbearing and feeding.

On the second - sensual lips. Men like to see lipstick on women's lips - they perceive it as an additional indicator of a woman's interest in him.

Breasts came in at number three, with men's favorite size and shape being the most frequently featured type of so-called late adolescence on the pages.

The bust is followed by the hips and waist. In a he althy woman of childbearing potential, the waist circumference should be 70% of the length of the hip circumference. A figure with just such parameters always attracts the attention of men. But as soon as this ratio starts to go over 80%, men lose interest.

Thus, the study once again confirmed that despite centuries of technological progress, humanity is still driven by ancient instincts.

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