July 8 is the day of family, love and fidelity: everything about the holiday

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July 8 is the day of family, love and fidelity: everything about the holiday
July 8 is the day of family, love and fidelity: everything about the holiday

All about the holiday "All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity", which was celebrated on July 8th. Despite the lukewarm public response to our counterpart to Valentine's Day, various cities are hosting festivities that are limited this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Love in Russian: All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity: History

The holy spouses Peter and Fevronia reigned in the city of Murom in the XIII century. Their life story is a model of Christian marriage. Peter was the second son of Prince Yury Vladimirovich of Murom. One day he fell ill with leprosy, from which no one could cure him. In a sleepy vision, it was revealed to the prince that Fevronia, a simple peasant woman, could heal him. Virgin Fevronia was wise, wild animals obeyed her, she knew the properties of herbs and knew how to heal ailments, she was beautiful, pious and kind.

The prince promised to marry her after the healing, but did not keep his word, and the disease returned. Then Fevronia cured him again, and the prince married her. When the time came for Peter to inherit the reign, the boyars did not want to have a commoner princess, telling him: "Either let go of the wife, who offends noble ladies with her origin, or leave Murom." The prince took Fevronia, got into a boat with her and sailed along the Oka. Trouble began in Murom, and then the boyars called Prince Peter back.

In their advanced years, having taken monastic vows, in different monasteries with the names of David and Euphrosyne, they prayed to God that they die on the same day, and bequeathed to put their bodies in one coffin, having prepared in advance a tomb of one stone, with thin barrier. They died on the same day and hour - June 25 (according to the new style, family day - July 8), 1228. Considering the burial in one coffin incompatible with the monastic rank, their bodies were laid in different monasteries, but, according to legend, the next day they were together.

The holy spouses were buried in the Cathedral Church of the city of Murom in honor of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, erected over their relics by vow by John the Terrible in 1553, and now they openly rest in the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Murom. Orthodox believers from all over Russia come to venerate their relics with requests to help them find true love, create and save a family, and have children.

This is the story of the holiday! Will you celebrate the All-Russian Day of Family, Love and Fidelity?

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