In Search of the Lost

In Search of the Lost
In Search of the Lost

Ford has decided to go in search of lost time.

In Search of the Lost

Ford has decided to go in search of lost time, when the genre of car trips has not yet lost its charm

From this time only yellowed photographs of unfamiliar elegant ladies with lace umbrellas and dignified men against the background of unthinkably elegant cars remained. Using these black and white photos, Ford restored the picture of the world and invited female journalists to spend one magical day at the Srednikovo estate in the company of a Fiesta car.

The participants of the action arrived at the estate at brand new fiestas. The cars marked ten “points” where photo shoots took place in vintage surroundings: “Evening tea”, “Picnic”, “Conversation over a glass of wine”, “Lady with a book”, “Beautiful artist” and others. The noble lines of the cars fit surprisingly well into the scenery, without violating the solemn old elegance.

And the magic began: fashionable, modern girls, editors and managers of metropolitan publications, turned into elegant pampered ladies of the end of the century before last.

Make-up artists erased the "arrows" from the eyes, which were not worn then: gentle, natural makeup, lips with a bow - that's what you need.

Hairdressers fluffed up curls and curls, pinned hairpieces and hats.

Someone put on openwork gloves, someone tried on long pearl beads, someone gracefully twisted a long mouthpiece in his fingers, opened and closed the fan with a capricious movement…

What happened in the end, see our photo report:

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