How to deal with aphids without chemicals

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How to deal with aphids without chemicals
How to deal with aphids without chemicals

How to deal with aphids on house and garden plants? A simple and effective remedy for one of the main garden pests.

How to deal with aphids without chemicals

Aphids on plants in the garden: how to deal with

It is important to know that aphids most often attack weak or overfed plants

Unfortunately, aphids can live on almost any type of plant, especially fruit bushes, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies. In addition to visible harm (twisted leaves, withered buds and unripe fruits), aphids do harm by drawing useful juices from a plant that may not survive the winter later. Therefore, when aphids appear, which live mainly on the underside of leaves and the tops of young shoots, be sure to take action. Plants can be sprayed with decoctions of nettle, garlic, onion or tomato tops.

How to deal with aphids

A simple remedy helps a lot in the fight against aphids.

You will need:

• 8-10 red chili peppers

• 1 tbsp. spoonful of soap shavings

• 1 liter of boiled water

• spray bottle

Chop the chili pepper finely with seeds. Mix with water and soap, let it brew for a day. Then pour the infusion into the bottle through a strainer and spray the plants.

By the way: the product will help to cope not only with aphids, but also with caterpillars, codling moths and garden bugs.

How to deal with home aphids

These unpleasant pests affect not only garden plants, but also indoor plants. The problem is that pests very quickly move from diseased plants to he althy ones. And soon your whole home garden becomes filled with small green insects. If you're trying to grow a vegetable garden on a windowsill and house aphids are getting in the way, how do you deal with it?

It is important to stop the process at the very beginning. Check your plants regularly. As soon as you spot an aphid, immediately remove it and the affected leaves. Then treat the plants with a decoction of onion husks, a solution of chili peppers, or special insecticidal preparations.

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