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There is everything
There is everything

To organize the space under the sink, first get rid of everything else.

There is everything

Organizum space under the sink

It is not surprising that the place under the sink is far from being kept in perfect order and is used, as a rule, not functionally. It is difficult to cope with a lot of rags, sponges, sponges and detergents, so first remove everything from under the sink and get rid of the excess. Then place a plastic mat or vinyl tile on the bottom of the cabinet to protect it from dirt stains. From trash bags to rubber gloves (they're best kept hanging on a hook to dry after use) have a handy place for everything from trash bags to rubber gloves.

● Throw away or put away excess household chemicals elsewhere. All you need to keep under the sink is spare dishwashing detergent, all-purpose kitchen cleaner, furniture polish, floor and window cleaner. Install a metal basket for funds.

● Leave some spare plastic bags with handles that can be stored in the hanging section on the cabinet door.

● Put away spares, tissues and cloths in a closet or other place and do not store dishwasher tablets under the sink.

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In order to illuminate a dark place under the sink, attach a wireless lamp with a motion sensor inside the countertop - when the door is opened, the light will automatically turn on.

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