Freeze, save

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Freeze, save
Freeze, save

Freezing is the best way to preserve the gifts of summer. Today we will talk about how to freeze berries and fruits correctly.

Freeze, save!

Freezing is the best way to preserve the gifts of summer without losing their vitamin value. As well as the opportunity to save on the purchase of frozen vegetables in the winter. Today we will talk about how to freeze berries and fruits correctly.

The season for berries and fruits is short: each species has its own ripening period, which is important not to miss. The products that we will "freeze preserve" must be fresh, of high quality, undamaged. Do not freeze fruits that are stale and slightly spoiled. To prevent the products from absorbing odors, take care of the packaging. Prepare trays and strong bags in advance (it is convenient to use clips for bags), write the names on the stickers so as not to confuse the contents. For long-term storage preparations (and vegetables and fruits can be stored for up to a year), it would be logical to take a separate box in the freezer, where meat, fish and semi-finished products will not fall.

1. Freezing

So that berries or fruits do not turn into one frozen lump in the freezer, the freezing process must be divided into two stages. First, lay the berries on a tray or tray in one layer and place in the freezer for about an hour. Large fruits, such as peaches, apples, need to be pitted and stalked, cut into halves or slices. If your freezer is equipped with the "Quick Freeze" function, use it. The second stage - we pour the berries into trays or bags and put them in storage. Following this technology, the berries will remain crumbly, and it will be convenient to use the blanks.

2. Storage

When all the fruits are already frozen, you can sort them according to their purpose: make mixtures for compotes and fruit drinks, for berry sauces. Sour apples can be prepared for roasting meat or poultry. As a filling for pies, you can freeze plums, quince, rhubarb stalks. In winter, rhubarb pie will seem like a real exotic!

3.Berry-fruit puree

In a blender, puree is prepared in seconds, you can choose the combination of berries and fruits according to your own taste, and there are many uses for this semi-finished product.

• Baby food Natural puree with little or no sugar, packaged in serving cups, saves you from buying ready-made fruit mixes for babies.

• Cocktail preparation A small portion of fruit puree plus milk - and a cocktail with summer berries is ready. It is convenient to freeze the puree in silicone baking molds, and then transfer the puree to the bag.

• Jelly base Kids love jelly. After defrosting a portion of puree, it will be enough to dilute it with juice a little, add gelatin - and the delicacy is ready!

• Fruit sauce Perfect with ice cream and pastries.

4. Cocktail ice

Spread cranberries, lingonberries, raspberries or strawberries into ice molds, fill with clean water and freeze. Ice cubes with berries will decorate a cocktail, and children who like to cool hot tea with ice will be happy to catch them with a spoon from a cup.

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