Pet contact lenses

Pet contact lenses
Pet contact lenses

Veterinarians from East Germany came up with contact lenses for animals.

Pet contact lenses

Lions, giraffes, tigers, rabbits, bears and even owls suffer from vision problems, but East German veterinarians have figured out how to help the unfortunate animals and invented special "contact lenses".

Acrylic lenses are implanted into an animal's eye when their vision reaches near blindness, a very delicate procedure that requires special training by veterinarians.

Since 2008, the company has completed a number of orders around the world. In the United States, a sea lion from an amusement park was restored to sight, which until then could not perform the exercises correctly. In Australia, veterinarians helped a blind kangaroo, and in Romania they saved a lioness.

In addition, dozens of domestic animals, from horses to dogs, as well as wild inhabitants of reserves, have been restored to good eyesight.

"When an animal loses one of its main senses, it becomes aggressive or withdrawn, its behavior is difficult to predict," says veterinarian Ingeborg Fromberg, "This could mean that a huge investment in training the animal is wasted "".

Therefore, despite the fact that the operation costs several thousand euros, for many owners this is the only way out.

Vision problems can also dull the sexual instinct, making it difficult for animals to reproduce, which is why the World Wildlife Fund funded surgeries for brown bears from a Chinese nature reserve.

Well, for some pet owners, their pets are so valuable that they are willing to spend any money just to prolong their lives.

Slowly, the company's representative offices spread beyond Germany - the first appeared in the US S alt Lake City.

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