Maria Berseneva. Men vs Women

Maria Berseneva. Men vs Women
Maria Berseneva. Men vs Women

Soon actress Maria Berseneva can be seen in the title role in the new television series "Margosha" on the STS channel.

Maria Berseneva. Men vs Women

Soon actress Maria Berseneva can be seen in the title role in the new television series "Margosha" on the STS channel

Home Hearth: You play a man who has turned into a woman. "Margosha" - a fantasy series?

Maria Berseneva: Not at all! The plot is the only fantastical event in this film. It all starts with the fact that the womanizer and editor-in-chief of a men's magazine, who changes women like gloves, leaves another girlfriend. She goes to the witch and asks to turn him into a woman. He was Igor (Gosha), and became Margosha. When the transformation is just taking place, my heroine has an absolutely masculine character. But over the course of the film, a psychological transformation from a man into a woman takes place smoothly. This role is a godsend for any actress, it gives you the opportunity to open up and show your abilities.

BEFORE: During filming, did you find any masculine traits in yourself?

MB: I always knew I had them. It is not news that by nature in each of us there is both male and female, the only thing is how each person develops one or another side. Where do we get non-traditional sexual orientation? It happens that women in certain circumstances unconsciously develop their male potential. Or, for example, a boy who grows up without a father looks at his mother and automatically develops a feminine side. At least that's how bisexual people appear to me.


MB: True, I was such a tomboy. At the same time, I was never masculine, but my friends were only boys. By the way, in my early childhood I myself was often mistaken for a boy: in the year I was cut bald, and with a high forehead, in plaid pants, I was a spitting image of a guy! I was constantly asked: "Boy, what's your name?" At first I was offended, and then spat and began to have fun. She said: “Petya” or “Vasya”. And if you look at photos from my birthdays, where I am five or six years old, then I already look like a girl, but I am surrounded by boys. I had practically no girlfriends. They already showed up at school. I loved playing Cossack robbers and hide-and-seek, climbing trees. And they bought me a doll, probably at the age of eleven, when Barbie appeared.

BEFORE: Did the boys take care of you?

MB: Honestly, I could never complain about the lack of attention of the male half. I was a guy in a skirt only in character, but not outwardly. All my life it is more convenient for me to communicate with men, I find a common language with them better.

BEFORE: Maybe you will advise the readers of "BEFORE" how to find a common language with men?

MB: I don't think you should put pressure on them. Try to feel how a man wants to see you, and not disappoint, but at the same time be yourself. And in everything you feel, say and do, be sincere. And one more thing: I don’t know how real it is, but I think we need to try to look at ourselves through his eyes. What does a man see when he looks at you? Will you be embarrassed or embarrassed about something? And what would you like him to see? Maybe even try to gently push him to some kind of manifestation or action, so that the man thinks that he makes decisions himself. Like in ads, remember? “And if I said to my mother, then to my mother!” I try not to blame my man: “You do everything wrong”, “You don’t understand!”, But to wish softly, gently and with a smile: “I would be pleased if you did this …” Tenderness, affection, feeling humor plus sex appeal and a bit of coquetry even in relation to her own husband - the best weapon of a woman! The main thing is to be able to correctly and in time press the right buttons.

BEFORE: With your native men - with your husband, with your son, with your dad - do you easily find a common language or are there difficulties?

MB: Of course, it happens in different ways. Since childhood, I had a difficult relationship with my dad, and literally only three or four years ago, everything more or less improved. Apparently, it was I who reconsidered my attitude towards my father. In general, it seems to me that any girl's relationship with men consists of relationships with her father. Either we are looking for the complete opposite, or consciously or unconsciously we are looking for the same as the father.


MB: Rather, I was looking for something different. My dad has a difficult personality. He is a military man, he served in the Kremlin regiment, was engaged in freestyle wrestling, he has a black belt, the first is given in kyokushinkai karate, besides, he is a retired lieutenant colonel of the traffic police! Naturally, he is a rather tough person, he is used to a certain status, and at home he also spoke with his family in an orderly manner: “Get up, I said!” I am a creative person, and my whole being rebelled against such an attitude. But, after I myself became a mother, I looked at many things differently, I just closed my eyes to something, I began to be more tolerant of both dad and everyone around. She became kinder, softer, more flexible … but just wiser, I guess. Of course, these changes did not happen overnight, everything changed gradually and is still changing. This is a difficult but interesting daily psychological work on oneself. According to the horoscope, I am Gemini and was born in the year of the Rooster, this is a terrible mixture. It happens that I am simply torn from emotions and from the impossibility of making a decision, because both sides of my subconscious, arguing with each other, are equivalent in their arguments and vision of the essence of the matter, let's say so.

BEFORE: Does your husband balance you?

MB: Of course he tries to dampen my worries. But in any case, negative energy accumulates, problems, fatigue, I have bursts. I am overly sentimental, vulnerable and emotional! My husband knows perfectly well that when I am about to explode, I do not need to inflame and respond to me with the same unbridled aggression, accusations or reproaches. I can scream, and he will smile and wait until I myself come to apologize. But, you know, I think it's also a good quality when a person cools down, realizes that he is wrong, and asks for forgiveness.

BEFORE: Have you ever had to take on male functions at home?

MB: Happened. And it happens periodically. For example, the entire renovation of our apartment, which lasts almost two years, was completely under my supervision. Everything (from interior design to wall offsets and floorboard colors) is my work. I took it upon myself, my husband was not against it, he just helped bring my ideas to life, and I led. Another example: now I have a second marriage, and my son Nikita is from my first marriage. When I left my husband, I was most worried: how will I raise my son alone? And sometimes I had to look at it from a male point of view, so that the feminine principle would not develop in him, but at the same time, as a woman and mother, I had to not deprive him of tenderness and affection. Such is the human balance.

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