How to press dry flowers

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How to press dry flowers
How to press dry flowers

Let's talk about how to dry flowers under pressure.

How to press dry flowers

We have previously given some general tips for drying flowers and plants. Today we will talk about how to dry flowers under pressure

You will need:

- flower press (e.g. big encyclopedia)

- cardboard, blotting paper or newspaper

- white paper

- flowers, buds, leaves

2. Place a blotter or newspaper underneath and above.

3. Place everything between two sheets of thick cardboard used for packing boxes.

4. Moisture-absorbing newspapers should be changed every day for 5 days. If you are drying several plants, you can make several layers, one on top of the other.

5. Put dried plants in cardboard boxes. For professional drying, herbarium presses are used, which are made from several layers of plywood, with holes for air circulation. Moisture-absorbing paper is laid between the plywood and plywood sheets are strung on metal studs. After the plants are placed between the sheets, the press is tightly tightened with nuts.

Tomorrow we will tell you how to dry the bouquet.

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