Caution: Immunity

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Caution: Immunity
Caution: Immunity

Keeping your immune system in shape is not an easy task. Here are some easy ways for you.

Caution: Immunity!

Keeping your immune system in shape is no easy task

The desire to strengthen the immune system leads us to the simplest and fastest way to solve the problem - taking immunostimulants. But such drugs unnecessarily "strain" the immune system.

Another common method is to take a course of multivitamins. However, according to experts, many of us have an excess of substances, as a rule, that are part of vitamin and mineral complexes. But with excessive norms, they become toxic.

Therefore, if it is not possible to take tests and find out exactly which vitamins and minerals you lack, stop at monovitamins.

For example, vitamin A protects the skin and mucous membranes, vitamin C, strengthening the vascular wall, prevents the penetration of viruses into the blood, and vitamin E is useful for chronic ENT diseases.

They must be drunk separately, taking a break of at least a week between courses. Just before you need to check the condition of the intestine.

It is in the intestines that up to 60% of immune cells are concentrated, so our general well-being directly depends on its he alth.

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