Rami Bleckt: gain strength for the whole year

Rami Bleckt: gain strength for the whole year
Rami Bleckt: gain strength for the whole year

Everyone knows that rest is important. But not everyone knows what a he althy vacation is.

Rami Blekt: gain strength for the whole year

Everyone knows that it is important for each of us to rest. But not everyone knows what a he althy vacation is. Some do not even think about the fact that without proper rest it is impossible to live a he althy and happy life

Periodic rest, relaxation - this is what is essential for our body and psyche. If a person believes that he does not have time for rest, then soon he will involuntarily have to spend his precious time visiting doctors.

1. Rest a little every day.

During the day, in addition to sleep, we need to find time to rest and relax. American scientists have proven that a person who rests for 10-15 minutes every hour and finds about an hour to rest after lunch is much more productive and his he alth is stronger.

2. Don't miss the weekend

Modern society requires us to work hard during the week - full commitment at work is needed. There is a lot of unnecessary - by and large - fuss. Therefore, it is important to find time to completely disconnect from work, pay attention to family, children, look at yourself and your life from the outside.

We also have to rest one day a week. Buddhists believe that resting on the Sabbath prolongs life. In Indian astrology, Saturday is the day of Saturn - a day of rest and detachment from the general fuss. The Old Testament, Judaism also recommend resting once a week, on Saturday.

3. You need to go on vacation

At least 25-45 days a year we should spend on vacation. It is best to relax away from the place of permanent residence, thereby we change the energy. It is difficult to fully relax in the city where we work hard, if only because we will not be able to completely escape from the routine.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the climate of the area where you are going. We can recommend Israel and India for recreation - there are places for outdoor activities, and medical clinics for purification, not to mention holy places where you can relax your soul. However, it is best to go to these countries in spring or autumn, when it is not very hot.

It is very important to relax in nature, because neither our physical body nor our soul relaxes in the city. New experiences are very important. If you are getting to know a new culture, then it is good to relax even in the city. The fact is that when a person, like a sponge, absorbs something new, all systems open in him, he becomes more sensitive. And if you get new experiences in nature, that's even better.

Remember that on average it takes three to seven days to adapt to other climatic conditions.

4. Relax with worthy people

In addition to the place and type of vacation, it is also very important with whom we rest. It is desirable that these people inspire you, give only positive emotions. The ancient sage said: do not go where you are not loved. Accordingly, a good friendly atmosphere on vacation is essential.

5. Eat right

On vacation, you need to minimize or better stop drinking alcohol, smoking, black coffee, meat. During the rest, you fill the body and spirit with new energy for the year ahead, and if you eat junk food, then, on the contrary, take away the strength from the body.

But there is another important point that is not always paid attention to: the body needs to fast periodically. After all, the digestive organs also need to periodically rest. The most favorable day for this is the 11th lunar day.

There are people who eat right throughout the year. They once and for all adopted certain rules for themselves and adhere to them. Of course, if such a person relaxes control a little during the holidays, nothing terrible will happen. Why is it important to watch your diet? Because during rest our subtle body opens up, and if you drink alcoholic beverages and eat heavy foods, this can nullify the whole rest. Of course, you can relax a little, it is not necessary to keep yourself in strict limits all the time. Eating right doesn't mean eating tasteless. Fresh vegetables and fruits - isn't it a wonderful food? Our body is very tired during the year, so it needs to be given a rest.

If you want to stop drinking or cut back on alcohol, it's important to give up meat at least for a while. Meat stimulates aggression, therefore, in order to somehow soften it, a person intuitively reaches for alcohol, since it allows you to relieve tension for a while. Just imagine how animals are killed and what energy meat brings to us. The energy of decay, together with cadaveric poison, is transferred to a person.

There are people who claim that they can't relax at all without alcohol. In fact, alcohol only exacerbates the problem, and the effect it gives is very short-lived.

6. Spend time in the sun

The sun is the main source of energy, it gives prana - the main driving force in the universe. Remember that exposure to the sun from 11.30 to 16.30 is harmful to the body. The most useful are the morning and evening rays. Try to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

7. Drink more water

If throughout the year we must drink at least 2 liters of water a day, then in the summer we need at least two and a half liters. It is only about water, not including tea or other beverages. If you drink dehydrating and harmful liquids (coffee, black tea, beer, soda, alcohol) during the day, then you need to drink even more water.

8. Choose favorable places for recreation

Rest near the sea and water bodies is very useful for adults and especially children. In the first years of life, children are under the influence of the Moon, and the Moon is responsible for fluids. At an early age, the psyche and consciousness are formed, and water is very calming. Mountains where there are waterfalls and lakes are also a very good choice. Perhaps all natural places are good for recreation, with the exception of the desert. There is good energy only in early spring when everything is in bloom. The rest of the time it is undesirable to be in the desert: the hot desert takes energy. In addition, very cold desert places with strong winds are unfavorable. You should not rest in big cities, in which there is a lot of negative energy.

9. Rest not only with your body, but also with your soul

Good rest means rest of the body, rest of the mind and rest of the spirit. What people usually mean by rest refers precisely to the physical level. A person needs to get enough sleep, reduce activity in order to physically relax - this is true. But other points are no less important.

For example, resting the mind implies the ability to disconnect from work. This is especially important for people who are engaged in creative work. Fresh ideas appear only on vacation, when it turns out to be distracted from the routine.

This is also confirmed by psychologists, they have long noticed that happy insights that help people somehow improve their careers and solve complex issues occur just when a person is resting, preferably in nature. Therefore, in the West they even began to make more corporate trips out of town. Of course, the simplest and most effective rest for the mind is meditation. The easiest way to learn meditation is to start with the breath. Concentration on breathing very quickly calms the spirit and puts the human respiratory organs in order. Try to breathe as slowly as possible. The slower a person breathes, the longer he lives.

And the best rest for the soul is reading good books, visiting temples, praying, communicating with wise and pleasant people.

The fact that a person, even on vacation, cannot be distracted from problems - (according to my observations) this is one of the main reasons for divorces and even early deaths.

Usually, people with a mental warehouse have difficulty disconnecting from worries. Here is what you can advise such a person: first of all, you need to understand how important it is to be distracted from work. Just realize at the level of the intellect how dangerous it is. Then set a goal for yourself.

A great way to relax is to turn off your cell phone, check your email and watch TV. Lately, it is very difficult for people to relax because we are entangled with the Internet and mobile phones. A person can be reached anywhere in the world in the literal sense of the word. It is also very important to disconnect from the TV, because the news that it gives us very rarely carries a positive charge. Politics, crisis, terrorist attacks - what kind of rest can there be?

It is best to spend as much time as possible in nature and not even talk about negative topics. It may seem that such a vacation is a waste of time. But in fact, it has been proven that all important discoveries and fresh ideas appear in a person just at those moments when he is as relaxed as possible.

The most rewarding vacation

There are four main types of recreation that help us gain strength:

1.Outdoor recreation

They say God created the village and the devil created the city. In nature, we can gain positive energy. It is best to go to the forest, to the mountains.

2.Recreation associated with pilgrimage to holy places

In this case, our body, and our mind, and our soul will get rest. We are being charged with spiritual energy.

3.Medical tourism

In the summer we have the opportunity to clean up. In winter, we move less, eat more canned foods. In spring and summer, it is important to eat more fruits, vegetables, drink freshly squeezed juices. It is also useful to take a course of cleaning the body of toxins that have accumulated over the year, in the clinic or on your own. There are Ayurvedic clinics, resorts near hydrogen sulfide springs, various kinds of SPA, etc. There are many books in Russian that tell how you can cleanse the body yourself.

4. Active leisure

For example, hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, etc.

Rami Blekt - consultant in ancient Indian astrology and Eastern (alternative) psychology, author of the books "Fate and Me", "10 Smart Steps to Happiness", "Three Energies. Forgotten canons of he alth and harmony. Rami leads the International Association of Oriental Psychology, helping people become he althy and happy.

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