Healing flowers

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Healing flowers
Healing flowers

Flowers have a special energy that can be cultivated and used for medicinal purposes.

medicinal flowers

Flowers adorn our lives: their appearance, aroma and even taste can excite or calm, please or console, they are sure to accompany any event - joyful or sad. But flowers, according to experts in the field of biological medicine, also have a special energy that can be cultivated and used for medicinal purposes

Modern people have long and firmly addicted to pharmaceuticals: if you have a headache or a tooth - we take an analgesic, we suppress a cough with antibacterial agents, an antidepressant will correct a dreary mood, immunomodulators will help speed up the course of the disease, etc.

The body resists, allergic reactions and endocrine disorders develop, and most importantly, by relieving symptoms, these drugs destroy the self-regulation mechanism inherent in us by nature. Experts in biological (alternative or natural medicine) argue that the most important thing is to help the body restore the processes of self-regulation. And then he himself will cope with diseases and will again find a natural, and therefore he althy and harmonious state. The opinion of representatives of official medicine differs about how effective these methods are, but there are more and more people who prescribe these drugs in the complex treatment of diseases. The most beautiful alternative healing method can be called Bach flower infusion therapy. The details were shared by our expert and consultant - doctor of aesthetic medicine, flora therapist Elena Sazhina.

Floratherapy (flower therapy) was developed in the 30s of the last century by the English biologist and homeopath Edward Bach.

The essence of the theory is this: the energy of flowers has properties that regulate the emotional, and through it the physical state of a person. Dr. Bach argued that it is necessary to "treat the person as a whole, and not the disease." This is one of the main principles of homeopathy. And treatment should be aimed at harmonizing the state of mind of a person, since all diseases and he alth problems are directly related to how we perceive the reality around us, and are caused by negative emotions that disrupt the harmony of the body and spirit.

The principle of Bach's flower therapy is based on the use of essences from the flowers of 38 different plants, corresponding to negative emotions, which are used to correct the basic emotional states of a person. They are called Bach flower essences.

For the preparation of infusions, flowers of certain types of plants growing in ecologically clean areas are used, these flowers are collected strictly during the period of their heyday and at a certain time - usually at dawn on a sunny day. They pick flowers, trying not to touch them with their hands: cut them into canvas bags and immediately place them in glass vessels with spring water, then put them in the sun for 2-3 hours. According to Bach's idea, the sun transmits the energy vibrations of flowers to the water and charges it. English brandy is added to the resulting so-called matrix tincture (called Bach tincture) for preservation, and this tincture can be stored for years.

Based on this tincture, preparations for florotherapy are prepared.

Small difference

Floratherapy, although a variation of homeopathy, has several differences.

1. For the manufacture of homeopathic preparations a variety of natural substances are used: minerals, stones, animals, insects, plants. Even man-made substances can become homeopathic medicine. For example, if you have been treated with analgin for a long time, in order to remove the consequences of "poisoning", the homeopath will prescribe you a potentiated (that is, diluted to a large extent) analgin, thereby helping to detoxify the body from this substance. And floratherapy operates only with flowers of wild-growing, non-poisonous plants, the properties of which are not obvious: these are not medicinal plants, they are not eaten.

2. The source of raw materials in florotherapy are only flowers in the maximum phase of flowering. In natural philosophy, it is believed that a flower is the highest stage of plant development and it carries the maximum energy source. Bach called this energy the soul of the plant.

3. Essences are prepared in a different way than homeopathic remedies. It is not the ingredients that make a medicine homeopathic (in principle, any substance can become homeopathic), but the method of preparation: multiple dilution of the drug in distilled water and, most importantly, the obligatory potentiation or dynamization of the solution. That is the usual shaking. During potentiation, water forms special clusters that store information about the drug even at very strong dilution.

As a result, the content of the original substance in a grain of the resulting drug can be compared with a drop in the lake, but the strength of its therapeutic effect does not decrease from this, but, on the contrary, increases many times.

Bach Flower Essences are prepared only by the dilution method without dynamization (shaking).

Floratherapy with Dr. Bach's flower infusions is an alternative method of psychosomatic therapy.

Dr. Bach argued that negative emotions are the root cause of the disease, therefore, by changing the emotional state, we help the body heal. Moreover, a negative emotion (momentary or long-term) is always an energy violation. And stress is already a systemic violation of energy flows, an emotional block. The greater the impact of stress, the greater the blockage.

This is a psychosomatic mechanism: in response to destructive emotions, hormones, the autonomic system react, then the endocrine system and those organs that are biological markers of emotions are connected: for example, fear is a biological marker of the stomach and liver.

That is, emotions are primary, and physiological reactions are secondary. If you influence emotions in time, you can avoid these physiological reactions.

But if “bad” emotions are fixed, then a somatic disease arises that can be treated for a long time if the emotional root cause is not removed.

Diagnosis: find your flower

The task of the florotherapist is to catch which of the 38 Bach flowers will suit the given patient. And it turns out in the course of a conversation - not a clinical survey, but a confidential conversation. It is important to capture the basic negative emotion of a person. It is believed that all negative emotions come from fear. Then the smallest doses of essences are selected. If the therapy is chosen correctly, then the problems are quickly solved, for some even in a week, for others - up to a month. The main goal of a flora therapist is to transform emotion, change negative to positive: fear - to courage, rejection - to a benevolent attitude, etc.

But, if it suddenly turns out that the negative emotion is guessed incorrectly, and the remedy does not work, the Bach essence will still not have a harmful effect - it will pass through the body in transit.

This personal treatment package lasts from two to four weeks. This is a rather painstaking process, similar to a session of a psychotherapist and an appointment with a classical homeopath. Its purpose is to help a person find inner harmony, then he begins to perceive the world around him harmoniously.

And in order to simply select the drug according to the symptoms, there is the so-called transpersonal therapy. She uses ready-made mixtures for universal purposes. The most famous is a mixture of rescue remedy (rescue remedy), composed of five plants. This is an "ambulance" in stressful situations, because any stress (both positive and negative) develops according to one scenario. Now there are many ready-made mixtures, some pharmacies prepare them themselves - for headaches, depression, and panic conditions.

These drugs are not yet available in Russian pharmacies - floratherapy itself is only coming to Russia. Meanwhile, in Western countries it has long been known and has been used for over 70 years.

Abroad, there are so-called "seminars for housewives", now such courses are being organized in our country. You can navigate through reference books describing Bach colors and their corresponding emotional states.


Bach flower essences can be used internally or externally - the effect of their action is manifested in varying degrees.

Drops Depending on the goals and objectives of treatment, they are taken with water or drip the right amount of drops under the tongue. • Ointments For external use, a few drops of the essence recommended for certain cases are added to the selected ointment or cream, mixed well and rubbed into the area of ​​the body that needs relaxation or, on the contrary, activation. • Baths You can add the appropriate infusion to the bath water, in this case you should not use perfumed bath gels, foams and oils.

How our body reacts to emotions

hypotension (low blood pressure) can develop in people with low self-esteem, prone to melancholy and suffering from love addiction. • varicose veins often suffer from people who often overwork themselves, do not allow themselves to properly rest. • back pain, as a rule, people are clamped, often in a situation of emotional overstrain and unable to fully relax (both mentally and at the muscle level). • arthritis can come from chronic feelings of dissatisfaction, interspersed with envy and a tendency to aggression, when a person unconsciously clenches his hands into fists. • gastric ulcer is usually caused by stress, the true culprit of which is fear, once experienced and left a lasting mark.

Dr. Bach's flower infusions help melt negative emotions into positive ones.

Reason for concern:fear of loneliness Man lives in a world full of dangers and therefore gives up a lot. For example, he is afraid of being alone and at the same time he is afraid of society and the company in which he feels uncomfortable. Afraid of the dark or illness, flying in an airplane, riding in an elevator, afraid of the dentist, dogs, mice, afraid to take a decisive step. • Appropriate Essence: MIMOSA Mimulus guttatus • Beneficial Result: Over-sensitivity and impressionability are reduced, the ability to concentrate strength to overcome fears and the ability to switch attention to objects that cause a feeling of comfort appear.

Concern: endless introspection Obsessed with unpleasant events and thoughts that simply cannot be shaken off. In addition, there is a constant internal dialogue with oneself. Perhaps some event haunts a person, for example, a conflict, when all the time you had to “rehearse” a worthy answer to your opponent. • Suitable essence: WHITE CHESTNUT Aesculus hippocastanum • Positive result: Peace of mind and mental clarity.

Reason for concern: mental fatigue "I'll deal with it tomorrow…" A person constantly feels mental strain. He quite seriously doubts in the morning that he will have enough strength to cope with his daily duties and planned affairs, but somehow he still succeeds. • Appropriate essence: HORNBEAM Carpinus betulus • Positive result: A person finds his natural life rhythm (tension - relaxation), and also acquires spiritual energy and spiritual freshness.

Concern:panic attacks A person panics easily and gives in to irrational fear that literally permeates the entire body and causes palpitations, sweaty hands, etc. This is the kind fear, from which they lose their heads at the slightest provocation, as well as in situations where there is a real threat to life, such as in road accidents, during thunderstorms, floods, etc. • Suitable essence: ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium • Positive result: More composure in crisis situations. The ability to control oneself, taking into account one's predisposition to an overly nervous reaction.

Reason for concern:excessive nervousness The person is impatient, easily excitable, constantly feels that everything is going too slowly. He sways, drums his fingers, he is attacked by a wolfish appetite. • Suitable essence: BALZAMINE Impatiens glandulifera • Positive result: The person becomes more patient and shows more tact and understanding towards people with a different tempo.

Homeopathic mesotherapy Zhanna Mironova, dermatocosmetologist at the Lancet clinic: Homeopathy is successfully used in aesthetic cosmetology, for example, in mesotherapy. The advantages of using homeopathic medicines are obvious - they have a regulatory effect on the functions of the whole organism. In addition, they are selected individually, depending on the state of he alth, hormonal cycle, age, type of temperament, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases. The effect after such a procedure appears gradually and lasts for a long time, since a complex is selected specifically for each patient - a “cocktail” of homeopathic ingredients, which acts not so much on the symptom as on the cause of the problem. This is due to two main factors: homeopathic preparations and the technique of execution - the preparations are administered through acupuncture points, however, the “problem” zones are also pierced. Homeopathy considers any deviation in the body as an accumulation of toxins, and the essence of homeopathic mesotherapy is to detoxify the body. Thus, a complex of problems is solved - both cosmetic and functional. For example, not only the complexion improves, but the nervous system also returns to normal: stress disappears, a person becomes more balanced, calm, and copes better with stress.

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