"Fabulous trams" will appear in Moscow

"Fabulous trams" will appear in Moscow
"Fabulous trams" will appear in Moscow

Trams inspired by children's books and cartoons will run on Moscow routes.

"Fairytale trams" will appear in Moscow

Trams inspired by children's books and cartoons will run on ten Moscow routes as part of the Fairy Tale Tram project, according to a press release from the Moscow Public Relations Committee.

The first Winnie the Pooh themed tram will be on the line on August 1st. It will run from the Sokolniki metro station to Novokonnaya Square. The interior of the tram will be painted with quotes from fairy tales, and in addition, special pockets will contain books with fairy tales that you can read and take with you.

"Fairy Trams" will run on 10 regular city routes according to schedules and public transport rates.

1. Route 11 ("Carlson") from the street. Akademika Koroleva (VDNKh metro station) to Pervomayskaya metro station (16th Parkovaya).

2. Route 30 (Prostokvashino) from Krasnopresnensky depot (Strogino metro station) to Voikovskaya metro station.

3. Route 39 ("The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish") from the Chistye Prudy metro station to the Universitet metro station.

4. Route 7 ("Dunno") from the metro station "Belorusskaya" to the metro station "Ul. Podbelsky.”

5. Route 45 ("Winnie the Pooh") from Sokolniki metro station to Novokonnaya Square (Volgogradsky Prospekt metro station).

6. Route 24 (“Bremen Town Musicians”) from Kursky railway station to Novogireevo metro station.

7. Route 47 ("Teremok") from the Oktyabrskaya metro station to Nagatino (near the Kolomenskoye metro station).

8. Route 46 ("Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena") from the metro station "Ul. Podbelsky" to the metro station "Proletarskaya".

9. Route 6 (“Parrot Kesha”) from Bratsevo to Voykovskaya metro station.

10. Route 17 (“Well, wait a minute!”) from Ostankino to Medvedkovo metro station.

Fairy Trams will also appear in St. Petersburg and Smolensk.

Trams will become the second type of transport in the capital after the metro, which is designed based on books, RIA Novosti reports. In May 2008, the “Reading Moscow” train, painted with images of heroes and excerpts from the works of Russian and foreign classics, began to run along the Moscow Metro’s Circle Line. On the walls of the train carriages, Muscovites can read excerpts from the epics "Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber", "Dobrynya and the Serpent" and see the characters of folk tales - Kolobok, the Frog Princess, Ivan Tsarevich.

Also, other thematic trains run in the Moscow metro, among them the trains Aquarelle, Kursk Bulge, Red Arrow.

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