Favorite city

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Favorite city
Favorite city

Continue our scrapbooking lessons. Today we illustrate city holidays.

Favorite city

Continue our scrapbooking lessons. Yesterday we captured a sea voyage, and today we will illustrate a city vacation

You will need:

• spring album

• pictures

• scissors, glue

• tickets, labels, brochures, city maps, tokens and other little things left after the trip

• envelopes for small items and small souvenirs, tags

• appliqués and stickers, colorful background paper

• stamps

• Curly blade scissors

1. For convenience, we make up the layout of the page, having previously made a sketch on a blank sheet of paper. For design ideas, see ready-made magazine article layouts. As additional elements, you can use stamps that leave clear prints on the pages. They come in wooden base, silicone, rubber and even magnetic. You can pick up stamps with symbols or names of cities and countries.

2. We decorate the pages of the album with small notes or captions. These can be short comments - indicating the place and memorable date - or whole stories and even comics. It all depends on your imagination. If you have been on an interesting excursion and learned a lot of new things, remember what impressed you, supplement your knowledge with historical information. Decorate your story with illustrations, newspaper clippings, or postcards. Put in an envelope and attach to the landscape page.

3. Designing the album cover using block letters- these can be purchased in ready-made sets or cut from magazine titles.

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