4 Easy Calorie Loss Exercises

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4 Easy Calorie Loss Exercises
4 Easy Calorie Loss Exercises

These workout options will help you burn more calories. The result will not be long in coming!

4 easy exercises to lose calories


You can also use an exercise bike or treadmill. On the treadmill, try to stay as high as possible, but not so high that you can grab onto the handrails. Alternate a minute of fast running with a minute of walking. Repeat the complex 8 times.


Stand with your back to a chair, stretch your arms out in front of you for balance, and slowly squat until your butt touches the seat of the chair. Don't sit down. Just slowly rise back up. Do 12-15 sets.


Easy jogging back and forth, 10 steps in each direction for 3-5 minutes, will improve your balance and engage muscles you don't use often in everyday life. For safety, run where you won't hit people or other objects.


Alternate short and long steps. Start short. Walk in quick small steps for 1 minute, then move on to a slow long step. Alternating steps allows you to use more muscles, burn calories more actively and strengthen your knees. Even a kilometer of such walking will give results. Please note that this exercise should not be done on cycling and treadmill days.

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