Whims and tantrums

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Whims and tantrums
Whims and tantrums

A child psychologist will tell you how to cope with the consequences of "grandmother's upbringing".

Whims and tantrums

Consultation with child psychologist Natalya Barlozhetskaya.

After a vacation with my grandmother, my five-year-old daughter arrived a different person. When you refuse her something, she becomes naughty, throws a tantrum with tears. Her grandmother spoiled her, yielding to whims, but now what are we to do?

Such child behavior has several goals: to get your attention, to get what you want, to demonstrate your emotions. If the method "works", he will resort to tantrums and whims more and more often.

• Tell your daughter, “I love you, but I don't like what you're doing. Next time, if you act up or cry, I'll just leave." Keep your promise strictly. Don't expect an immediate effect. The child, seeing that you remained unperturbed, may triple his attempts. Be persistent and consistent. Keep your word.

• No need to limit the communication between grandmother and granddaughter. It is better to familiarize your grandmother with your parenting methods, help her master them and make sure that she copes with her granddaughter.

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