Bytprosvet: updating upholstered furniture

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Bytprosvet: updating upholstered furniture
Bytprosvet: updating upholstered furniture

If the old sofa has become unusable, do not rush to throw it away.

Bytprosvet: we update upholstered furniture

We are sadly convinced that upholstered furniture has already completely fallen into disrepair. The springs creak, fail, crashing hard into the sides. The seats on the armchairs, chairs sagged, threatening to break completely. It would be a long time ago to replace this junk, but … Even repairs in the workshop will now cost a pretty penny

Let's try to deal with this trouble together. Not gods burn pots! Let's stock up on patience, perseverance and get to work

To work, you will need 1.5 and 3 mm twisted twine or cord, a hammer, felt nails, a thick needle, thread and the maximum that can be used from an old thing.

Carefully pull out the nails, remove the upholstery, flooring material (cotton wool, foam rubber, hair, bast, sea grass or shavings). If there is no replacement for all this, the entire flooring should be sorted out, sorted, cleaned, washed. In case of its complete or partial unsuitability and the absence of an equivalent replacement, hay can be used. It's not that strong, but it will last for a while. Then we release the burlap from the springs and the wooden frame. For those who are doing this for the first time, we advise you not to rush to finish this dirty part of the work. First, take a close look and remember how the twine is attached to all the details. It will be very useful in work later.

We will leave the whole springs on the wooden bars in place, having previously strengthened and straightened them. If they are held on a metal mesh, then it is necessary to check whether it has weakened. Where the mesh has sagged, it is pulled and fixed: first the longitudinal rows, then the transverse ones. From the inside, we cover the mesh with fabric (burlap, canvas or canvas), first along the length and then along the width, fixing it to the frame with roofing nails at a distance of 40-50 mm.

We install springs on the mesh with burlap, after straightening them so that the rings are perpendicular to the vertical axis. It should be remembered that the required draft and elasticity depend on their height.

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