Allergic to own son

Allergic to own son
Allergic to own son

A British woman, Joan Mackie, who recently gave birth, was diagnosed with a severe allergy… to her own child.

Allergy to own son

A British woman, Joan Maki, who recently gave birth, was diagnosed with a rare disease - a severe allergy … to her own child. The probability of such a disease is 1 in 50 thousand.

All Joan Mackie dreamed of during her difficult labor was to hold her little James to her breast.

And this long-awaited event happened. But very soon, a 28-year-old woman developed an incomprehensible and very painful rash on her skin. Because of this pain, she even temporarily forgot about her natural maternal instinct.

It all started with a slight tingling in the fingers, and a day later almost the entire body was covered with blisters. Poor Joan wrapped her hands and body in wet clothes so that it would not hurt her to hold the baby. But every day it only got worse. In the end, 37-year-old Robert Mackie, Joan's husband and James's father, had to take care of the child.

Meanwhile, doctors disagreed on the issue of diagnosis. To clarify it, a skin biopsy procedure was needed, which showed that the woman had a very rare skin disease - pregnancy pemphigoid, which affects young mothers and those who are going to become them. In other words, Joan was found to be allergic… to her own child.

Pregnancy pemphigoid is a rare disease characterized by the formation of subepidermal vesicles that occurs during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The frequency of its occurrence is one case in 50 thousand, the exact causes are unknown. It has been established that blisters and blisters on the body appear during the formation of antibodies that attack normal proteins in a woman's body during pregnancy.

Treatment includes taking oatmeal baths, in addition, in no case should you overheat, as this only worsens the condition. Doctors also prescribe various medicines and creams.

Joan Mackie is now feeling well. The only reminder of the disease is small black dots on the body. “I realized once again that the opportunity to hug your own baby is the greatest joy in the world,” says the woman.

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